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Healthy Vacation Tips

Summertime, and the living is easy! Or at least that’s the way you hope it will be. Travel plans that may have been in the works for months are now about to turn into reality. It’s only natural to be excited about some new summer adventure. Adventure awaits you and you don’t want to miss anything. It’s important to stay healthy and safe while you’re living the good life. So, just in case your enthusiasm for living is overshadowing your attention to common sense details concerning your health, consider a few healthy tips to keep your summer plans from being cut short by sickness or injury.

Be liberal with the suntan lotion. Even limited exposure can lead to a painful sunburn or long term skin damage. To make life simpler, some brands now come in handy spray bottles, making application as easy as a summer’s breeze. Make this everyone’s responsibility.

To avoid illness, ramp up your hand washing routine during your travels. While washing your hands is the number one way to avoid contact with germs at any time of the year, when you are on vacation you may be exposing yourself to bacteria you weren’t exposed to at home, making it doubly important.

Maintain an adequate sleep routine. The fun and excitement of vacation makes it very tempting to stay up late and get up early, but running yourself ragged is a recipe for disaster when it comes to maintaining your health.

If your travel destination takes you to a hotel or on board a cruise ship, check out the gymnasium facilities. Maintaining your regular exercise program will go a long way to keeping up your energy levels and strength.

Stick to your normal healthy eating habits as closely as possible. If you’re on the go every day it can be tempting to choose fast food options for breakfast, lunch and dinner. While an occasional indulgence won’t kill you, a steady diet of fat, sugar and abundant calories will make you sluggish and rundown in no time at all.

This part should be easy – work plenty on activity into your travel plans. See the sites, hobnob with the natives, get around and see what there is to see and do what there is to do. Don’t spend all of your vacation time lounging in a beach chair, sipping calorie-laden beverages and reading trashy novels. You took this vacation to expand your horizons; you can’t do that behind closed eyelids.

Maintain your regular medication schedule. Be sure to take the proper amounts of prescription medications with you if you need medication on a daily basis. Take copies of the paper prescriptions as well in case you need an emergency refill.

Carry all pertinent insurance cards and phone numbers for your doctor back home. In case of emergency you want to be able to receive the medical care you need without delay.

Summer vacation is a great time to escape from the day to day world you live in most of the year, but it should never be a time to escape from the healthy lifestyle you have worked so hard to achieve. Take care of yourself so you can enjoy for vacation time to the fullest.