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Has Muslim Extremism Damaged World Tourism Irrevocably – No

No. The simple answer is absolutely not. Here is why. From the introduction of the television until now, coupled with the seemingly addictive nature that the television possesses, societies all over the world are witnessing terrorist acts on the media almost every day. Although, yes, terrorism is something to be feared and something that can not be ignored. However, I blame the media on any effect this has had on international tourism because of the absurd ways the media portrays such acts.

In the media, it is common to only see the terrorists in action and not the remaining 99.9% of the society, let alone the countless attractions or tourist sites that such a given society has. That said, you can call it propaganda or not, but the effect is still the same. People watching such terroristic acts will associate it with the given society or culture and thus be less willing to even consider touring a place that happened to have such acts.

Unfortunately, this is also a two-way-street situation. It takes a sender and a receiver. That said, when you hear about Iran and its alleged nuclear program, don’t be naive and think that every single citizen is involved with it. Or when you hear a group of five people chanting “Death to America”, don’t believe that every Iranian citizen has an undying hatred for Americans. Realize, first of all, that this country has a strong amount of tourism due to its rich history, lavish ski resorts, and unbeatable hospitality. And secondly, realize that such acts you witness on TV are the efforts of a small minority of people in a large country. From here on, when you watch anything, keep this thought in mind as the media tries to propagate inaccurate messages into your brain causing you think in a pre-programmed way of their choosing.

What we don’t realize is that this is happening in every country. The common abortion bombings here in America may be broadcasted in Europe causing the citizens to view this great country only in regards to the abortion clinic bombings. Thus, they are more apt to feel negatively towards this country as it would seem war-torn and uncivilized. Additionally, if a European broadcaster showed a group of obese children don’t you feel that they would think that many more, if not all Americans are obese? The list is endless.

Be careful with the television and its one-sided messages. Even if Muslim extremism diminishes, the media will still target a different negative aspect of the Muslim world which would have the same effect upon the many television viewers. Therefore, it is with no doubt that the lack of education and the media are the problems hindering successful world tourism.