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Guide to the neighborhoods and areas of Jamaica: Port Antonio

When a legendary movie star and lover like Errol Flynn says that you are the most beautiful lady he has ever seen, well, you know you’ve got something going for you. In this case the lady is Port Antonio, Jamaica and her natural beauty is truly something to behold.

Located on Jamaica’s northeastern coast, approximately 60 miles from Kingston, Port Antonio is the capital city of the parish of Portland. Thanks to an effort to create sustainable tourism, Port Antonio is less commercialized than other areas of Jamaica and offers vacationers a true getaway, where the pace is slower and the scenery is breathtaking. It’s the perfect spot for those wanting a secluded holiday or the adventurous traveler looking to delve deeper into Jamaica.

Lorenzo Dow Baker put Port Antonio on the tourist map in the 1880s when he started Jamaica’s banana trade. And though Port Antonio has been a longtime favorite of Hollywood movie stars, royalty, and filmmakers, it has never lost its commitment to preserving its culture. To get the most out of it’s culture and breathtaking scenery, there are a few places and activities that you should definitely put on your to-do-list when visiting Jamaica’s third largest port.


No, this is not the lagoon that Brooke Shield’s swam in, but there’s no reason why you can’t. But be careful, it is said that the buoyant emerald and jade waters act as an aphrodisiac. Perhaps, that’s why many couples actually get married at the Blue Lagoon. With a depth of 200 feet, it definitely gives new meaning to “taking the plunge.”


For a moderately priced hotel with a priceless view, consider staying at Bonnie View Plantation Hotel. Sitting on a perch 600 feet above Port Antonio, you will not find a better spot for snapping pictures.


Even though not much of the beach is left in this rocky cove located just 11 miles east of Port Antonio, it is still well worth a visit. The tides are often high and it’s a great place for body surfing. It’s also a great place for eating. Known as the Center of Jerk in Jamaica, you can stop buy one of the many food stands and enjoy famous jerk chicken with hot home-made sauce, pork, and yams.


Port Antonio is the host of the annual Jamaica International Blue Marlins Tournament. Cast your rod and discover why award-winning fishermen flock to Port Antonio every year. Spend the day on a charter boat trying your luck at catching a Blue and White Marlin, Tarpon, or Barracuda.


That handsome devil Errol Flynn used to entertain his guests by traveling the Rio Grande river on bamboo rafts. No doubt he probably kissed a few ladies when going through Lover’s Lane. You and your significant other can do the same on this six mile trip through rural Jamaica, which has become one of Port Antonio’s most popular tourist attractions.

Mr. Flynn loved Port Antonio so much that he bought nearby Navy Island. You might not want to go to such extremes, but you can acquire some unforgettable memories when you visit this beautiful Jamaican lady.