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Glasgow Scotland Safety Tips

The city of Glasgow has always had a reputation as a dangerous place to be and much of it is justified. It has to be said though that there has been a measure of exaggeration that would lead people to believe the streets are out of bounds completely. As an example, the Gorbals area of Glasgow has carried the reputation as a place where gangsters hang out and where people are not safe. The truth is that going back decades, the trouble on the streets was usually limited to those who were members of the gangs. They may fight with one another, but generally, people on the street were safe.

Things have changed all over the city in recent years as it has in any major city as the drug culture takes hold. The rise in drug abuse in Glasgow has inevitably led to the rise in drug related crime and this has definitely had an impact on the safety of ordinary people. Add to this the problems of uncontrolled youths hanging around in packs, vandalising property and making a general nuisance of themselves. More and more we hear of escalating knife crime and this has become a major issue in and around Glasgow as with other UK cities.

Being safe in Glasgow is all about exercising common sense and avoiding places that are likely to affect our safety. Living as we are in a society where there is a very strong drink culture, crime associated to alcohol is becoming more prevalent, especially in the city centre. Most of the instances of crime reported in local newspapers relate to those committed late at night or in the wee small hours as people stagger out of pubs and become involved in fights. The key is to avoid areas where there is a likelihood of trouble and this usually occurs late at night.

Staying in groups can be somewhat of a protection but leaving establishments at a reasonable hour is one way of avoiding trouble spots. If it is possible to take a car with you into town, assuming you have a designated driver who will not drink alcohol, this can help to avoid potential danger from walking to bus and train stations or even traveling on public transport alongside drink-fuelled troublemakers.

Glasgow has a long standing reputation as a city that is dangerous and while much of this is folklore, it has become more dangerous in recent years. Glasgow is no different from any other major city in Britain. It has its trouble spots that should be avoided at any time and certainly late at night. sadly, we live in a society in the UK that is notorious for its youth culture, binge drinking and drug abuse. Glasgow is no different.