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Frugal Vacation Ideas Frugal Ideas for Family Vacation

Today, the cost of a family vacation is enough to make a credit card cry. What is the answer? Frugal family vacations. The only thing you will sacrifice is your stress. The rest will be fun family time. Here are some frugal vacation ideas that will keep your family smiling, and your wallet from weeping.

Backyard camping

If you have a backyard, make full use of it. Let the whole family help turn your backyard into a camp site. All can enjoy board games instead of everything electronic. Use the backyard grill for cooking, invest in some paper plates, cups and plastic forks, knives and spoons so Mom gets a break, too. Cooking on the grill keeps the kitchen clean.

Local day trips

Get out a map and check out all attractions within a fifty mile radius. Consult with the family and choose five places to visit. A day trip to the beach, a lake, an amusement park, can be just the ticket to have a relaxing day and provide fun entertainment for the kids. Pack a picnic lunch and treat everyone to a huge ice cream cone on the way home. Gas has gone up, but this is a frugal fun way to visit new places.

Family reunion

Taking a trip to visit family members, who you love and miss, is a fun vacation in itself. However, while staying with them, plan to visit local attractions in their area. Perhaps they will join you. Bring along camping gear, if they have an outdoor place to put you up. Or, to have more family alone time, check out the nearest camp sites. Most tenting space rentals run between $15 to $20 per night. Cook supper on an open fire.

Split the cost

Vacation rentals are not too expensive at all, when shared with other friends or family members. Not only are they usually located close to tourist attractions, but they come fully equipped. It’s more like a home away from home with everything you need. All you have to bring is your clothes. You can save a bundle when you consider the cost of hotels vs. a vacation rental.

Local library

Most community libraries offer free or discounted tickets to local events. You can visit museums in or around your area. Usually their is a children’s museum which provide hands-on educational and entertaining adventures for kids of all ages. Further, your local chamber of commerce will have brochures and news on local craft fairs. local recreation events and other attractions you may not be aware of. It’s well worth checking out.

Hiking and biking

Almost everyone lives within a reasonable distance to a state or national park. These are a great way to spend part of your vacation. Hiking trails and/or riding along bike trails is lots of fun for the whole family. It is a fun way to spend sometime outdoors enjoying the sun and each other. Pack a big picnic lunch and enjoy the day. Its fun to eat outdoors and state and national parks have a beauty all their own, a feast for the eyes.

For a lot of families, this year, the thought of affording a family vacation seems like an expensive nightmare. However, by choosing to have a more frugal vacation, it can still be a dream vacation. Planning and spending frugally will help lessen the stress financially and free up the whole family to have a good time.