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Flower festivals in New England

New England is a beautiful and unique part of the country. One of the things that these creative group of citizens have mastered over the years is gardening. People make journeys of great distances just to enjoy the flowers. Flower festivals in New England are well planned and have a long and strong history of success.

Most flower festivals feature one type of flower and use others as accent pieces. You will see a variety and there is usually something for everyone. A garden snake may be the biggest delight for the little boys in the group.

Fairfield, Conn. is the home of the Dogwood Festival. It comes with a very long tradition over 76 years of celebrations. The festival is sponsored by the Greenfield Hill Congregational Church. These magnificent pink and white blossomed dogwood trees have been growing over 200 years. If these were the only things to view, it would well worth the trip and yet there is so much more to see.

There are many herbs and flowering plants to purchase. The funds all go to a charity so everyone wins. It feels good to make this flower festival a yearly tradition.

Sandwich, Mass. is the home of the Rhododendron Festival. while the rhododendron is a fairly common flowering plant, many may be astounded by the sheer number of varieties. Over 100 different varieties across 100 acres of gardens. There are plenty ready for visitors to purchase and take home to add to their collection.

The Shelburne Falls Woman’s Club did an amazing thing in 1929. The town of Shelburne Falls under their leadership came up with a solution for an unsightly, but necessary bridge. It was the only walk away across the river and really could not be taken down. So they raised $1000 and created the Bridge of Flowers. Guests are literally surrounded by flowers. It is a treat and a testament to teamwork. It is still strong and vibrant today.

Perhaps you are looking for something a little different in the later part of the year. Sunflowers are beautiful and they simply make people feel happy. Why not give the Sunflower maze a try? Lyman Orchards touts it’s fame as the twelfth oldest family owned business in the United States. It was established in 1741. The proceeds go to support the fight against pediatric cancer.

There are not a lot of wildflower festivals. Franconia and the surrounding area maximize that experience of a wildflower festival with many options. They host the Fields of Lupine Festival. You can book special tours, wagon rides and couple the experience with the Parade of Homes. The lupines are a scatter of pink and purple wildflowers.

Perhaps a more traditional flower and garden show is what you desire. The Flower and Garden Show in Boston at the Seaport World Trade Center. It is an excellent way to gather ideas. You will see a lot of hybrids and view interesting and new ways to display flowers.

This is a very short list of all the possibilities. If you have a favorite flower there is a good chance you can find one that suits you. In fact, there is even a festival for peonies. So pick your pleasure and enjoy the New England area.