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Florida Vacation Packages

Going TDY on a beach vacation in Florida can be challenging to plan when considering a cheap Florida vacation package versus one that is going to break the bank if you are in the military. Florida beach vacations can be costly even though advertisers claim they are cheep. In addition, planning your Florida travel cost, using Florida travel deals on the internet, can also cause additional uncovered financial burdens. There are many types of Florida vacation packages on the internet from $59 for 3 days/2nights, up to as much as you can imagine spending in one night. Wading through the barrage of offers can seem overwhelming.

If you have spent time in the Armed Forces, be sure to consider military bases, for your vacation stay. Many bases offer cheep lodging, free access to government owned beaches, and lost cost options for eating out. Some are even close to major Florida resorts like Shades of Green Resort at Walt Disney World, Universal, and Sea World.

Check out Pensacola beach at Pensacola Navel Air station, quite beaches with great fishing and lots of things to do. Florida beach rentals and local public beach entertainment can be found through vendors that cater to local tourist close by. Cheep lodging and free beach access allow financial freedom to do other things.

The best Florida vacation package I ever had was a trip I planned myself to Naval Station Mayport, Florida which is close to Jacksonville, Florida. The beach there was as beautiful as any major beach in Florida and a lot less packed. Plus the Navel Station supplied a list of benefits including free fishing from any shoreline or structure with no requirement for a fishing license; an affordable 18 hole golf course; unlimited access to beach; cheep lodging at the Navy lodge; a huge swimming pool at the lodge, a fully stocked recreation department with cheep equipment to rent.

In addition to some of the great cost saving benefits of staying on a military base there is the security of knowing that you don’t have to look over your shoulder and keep one eye on your wallet the whole time. Base beaches are naturally cleaner of dangerous materials and debris due to regularly scheduled maintenance & cleaning operations provided by the base.