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Five Tips for Making a Flight more Pleasant

Sure you want to get to your destination, but you may not enjoy flying. And given the crowded conditions in many planes and the long delays for departure, it’s no wonder that your attitude toward airplane travel may not be the best.

But if you fly often or on occasion, it’s wise to learn to make the most of the situation. Below are a few tips for making a flight more pleasant.

* Check bags for ease of getting on and off the flight

Why go through the hassle of getting bags in and out of the overhead storage bins? It’s much simpler to check baggage and relax when you get on the plane. If you are flying an airline that does not charge extra for you to check bags, what’s holding you back?

* Bring a good book

If you enjoy reading, you will enjoy passing time on the flight while reading something good. Make sure to select the kind of book that makes for light reading. A Michael Connell mystery is a great choice.

* Layer your clothes

It’s smart to dress in layers, as you never know if you will be cold or warm on your flight. You can use your jacket as a blanket. Or you can just as easily put it in a storage bin if you are hot.

* Bring some snacks

Sometimes you just want a snack to pass the time when flying. And why limit your options to the peanuts provided by the airline?

Pack some of your favorite goodies in your laptop bag or purse. That way, you can really enjoy your snack when the beverages are provided.

* Listen to music

It’s amazing to think that you can basically bring your personal stereo on a flight – in the form of your iPod. When you listen to your favorite music, endorphins are released.

These natural feel-good chemicals will lift your mood, and that is helpful when dealing with some of the frustrating aspects of flying commercially.

* Watch a movie on your laptop

Download some of your favorite movies to your laptop, and enjoy watching them again when on the plane. The time will go by quickly if you are amused by a film you truly like.

* Surf the Internet

Many airlines are now offering WiFi while on their flights. It’s really cool to be able to email friends or check sports headlines from 10,000 feet above ground.

You have limitless opportunities for entertainment when accessing the Internet. And with this pleasant distraction, your flight will be approaching its destination before you know it.