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Finding the Perfect Travel Companion

Finding a travel companion perfect for you is no easy task! Many things need to be considered in the selection of the perfect travel companion for anyone…especially if you are single and traveling with a same sex friend whom you may not have known for very long.

It is really no fun traveling alone. Even if one is looking for a little romantic adventure, a travel pal of the same sex can be an asset for both compounded fun (double dating if he or, she has a friend) and ,protection (especially if you are female). But, it must be someone with whom you share certain interests in common, have habits compatible with yours as far as daily routine, and (this is one no one ever thinks about) is willing to cough up equal amounts of cash to fund this well-thought-out expedition!

Oh, yes! Money is the #1 thing you will be likely to argue over, if anything! If you are males, there will be less friction but, nontheless, there will be some. As females, you and your fellow adventurer had better lay down some ground rules right up front. In fact, you had better lay down rules about more than just spending the green stuff!

Considerations for traveling with a same sex companion (friend, not lover):

1) Before you head out together, sit down and discuss the expenses and how they will be met (hopefully equally) by each of you. Aside from the “biggies”: airfare, car rental, gasoline (if you are driving), sleeping accommodations, – be sure you are agreed on how to share things such as meals out at various restaurants, tickets to theatres, museums, parks, etcetera. You may not want the messiness of splitting tabs at the conclusion of an elegant meal in Paris or, New York so, you might decide that one of you will pay for dinner one night, the other the next, and so on.

2) Next, discuss your sleeping arrangements. If sharing a room to cut down on overall expenses, remember that the two of you will need your rest! Does one of you snore? If so, and the non-offender is a light sleeper, you may want to consider springing for separate rooms and cutting the nut somewhere else. Believe me, touring the Wall of china is no picnic if you are utterly exhausted!

3) Decide on who will shower when, – morning or, evening? My, yes! And, especially if you are both female with hair to wash, blow-dry, and possibly set, these things are hardly insignificant considerations. Remember, time saved is money saved here! If one is slower than the other (and this is usually the case), you who are ready first must exercise patience. No one likes to be rushed and she/he who takes her/his time can’t help feeling the need to look her/his best in order to get the most from their day. Go get a newspaper!

4) Obviously you are picking the travel location together so, it is assumed you both will generally enjoy the destination’s offering, – food, scenery, entertainment. Make sure you both know to be accomodating when one of you wishes to sample fare, try out an activity or, visit a famous site that the other would just as soon skip! You signed up as partners, remember? (And, there is safety in numbers, as well… Lots of kooks out there.)

5) Finally, plan ahead for any disagreements and how they are to be handled. There are bound to be some. After all, you are both human. Hopefully, you can immediately “forgive and forget” but, if not, determine ahead of time that you will shelve the “unpleasentness” until later for the sake of the trip and your consummate enjoyment. After all, you are both spending loads of loot! Don’t spoil it by trivializing some unimportant aspect you are bound to forget by the time you both get home. You won’t get a second chance to enjoy this!

Here’s to your trip…Cheers!

And, bring home some good pictures…