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Finding Hidden Mickeys at Disney

Planning a trip to one of the Disney theme parks is exciting. There is a lot of information giving you tons of ideas of things to see and do. You will come across a wealth of activities and suggestions to enhance your Disney experience. One of these ideas is a quest for “hidden Mickeys”. What are hidden Mickeys? Glad you asked.

Hidden Mickeys are Mickey Mouse-shaped icons hidden all over all of the Disney theme parks and resorts. The quest for them is like a scavenger hunt that will keep you entertained and fascinated to no end. Once you and your family find a “hidden Mickey,” you will be forever hooked to look for more. The icon is Mickey’s head imposed into a picture, landscape or anywhere that Disney Imagineers can be creative and stick on for you to find. They are virtually everywhere you look, so keep your eyes open at all times. They are found imposed into the scenery of attractions — while on rides, look for Mickey’s head. This can be just the shape made up of three circles placed just right or a filled-in shape of his head. Hidden Mickeys have been found on trading pins, on the walkways and in the bedding of your resort room.

These are just a few tips and places to find hidden Mickeys. To reveal their exact locations and places would not be fair. Families and single people alike have been searching for hidden Mickeys for a long time. Do some research; there is a lot of info on the Internet, as well as several books and guides on the subject. Searching for hidden Mickeys is a fun and inexpensive activity to do at one of the Disney resorts or parks. Keep a log or journal with the date, time and place of your find. Keeping record of your quest will encourage you to find more — and there is always more to find. As new attractions and parks crop up, so do more hidden Mickeys.

Imagineers tease you with the little guys. Some are not so little, however. Chefs have been known to send food to your table in Mickey shapes. Sometimes, they’re even embedded into walkways in the Magic Kingdom. You just need to keep your eyes open and look around you. Be a sleuth; some are obvious, and some appear just for a few seconds. (Keep your eyes peeled on the Great Movie Ride at Hollywood Studios.) To say more than that would take all the fun out of a great hunt. Make it a game and see who can spot the most. Ask cast members to give you hints. Some will, but don’t be upset if they just smile and point in a general direction.

Getting information on hidden Mickeys is not too hard. The Internet, and Disney’s own web site, are great places to start. Do some research, grab a camera, paper and pencil and have a great hunt!