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Family Vacations that Won’t Break the Budget

So You want a family style vacation that won’t break the bank and you don’t know where to start. Here is just a tiny bit of help

Here is a little help for you while you formulate your family adventure.

Talk to your significant other and decide on the destination for your trip. Discuss what you would like to be able to visit. Discuss at least one place to visit for each person old enough to pick a place.
Does this necessarily tell you where to go for your vacation? No; it does not but it does tell you where you WANT to go. After you discover where you want to go you have to decide how you are going to manage it. Here are some things that you will want to consider.

Will you have to fly or can you drive? Which mode of transportation will be the most economical for your family? How many days will you have for your vacation once you arrive?
Once you have decided where you are going and how to get there, you will want to consider where will be the best place for you to stay.

Check out hotel prices on the internet and compare the prices on each site. Check our online sites such as Vacation Rentals by Owner which will allow your family to rent an entire house with all amenities.
Many times you will find that you can rent a first class home that is fully furnished, including a pool and full kitchen, for less per day that you could rent a hotel room or suite. This is often more convenient that staying in a hotel, also, since there is room for parking for multiple of cars if there is more than one family traveling together. Also, houses are rented at one price no matter how many people are staying there. There are no extra charges for extra people. Often there is the possibility of taking the family pet with the family. There will be an entire kitchen available which will also help with the finances on a family budget vacation. You will have the option of preparing any type of meal you wish for your family to have. The refrigerator is there for leftovers, snacks, drinks, water and formula. Most VRBO houses have television sets in all bedrooms but all have them in at least the living room, den and master bedroom. No more fighting over who gets to watch what. With the addition of the pool or a hot tub, you will find that you have less argument about returning to your residence after your days’ adventures.

In a hotel there will usually be two large beds to share with the ability to have an extra bed added to the room. For another fee you can have a small refrigerator installed in the room. There will likely be a pool but it will be shared with the other tourists. Ice will be supplied through a vending machine rather than the ice machine in the large refrigerator in a kitchen. You will likely buy your meals out unless you bring bread and cold cuts back to the room to eat.

With a hotel there is never the possibility of sleeping in. A maid will always knock on the door of your room just when you least expect it with orders to make up the bed and clean. In a rental house you will be able to sleep as late as you can manage with kids in your family; swim before you begin your day; make a big and nutritious breakfast to carry you all through the day and feel just like you area at home.

So, now you have decided where you would like to go for your vacation and how you would like to get there. Both of these decisions have been based made on the desires of your entire family and the amount of money available. You now have to decide on your accommodations. Which will fill all of your family’s needs better? Okay; you have made your choice.

If you have the time for information to arrive in the mail you can write for brochures to be sent to you that you and your family can look at to decide what points of interest to visit. Make interesting notes on the brochures and make notes of which places are near to others you might want to see.

If you do not have time for the mail, gather around your computer and let everyone see as much as you can pull up for them to look at. Print out what you want to see and make lists about them. You should also print out a map or each point of interest and how to get there from where you will be staying.

The next step is packing. Mothers pack best. Children should be asked which toys and animals they wish to include and the mother should pick out the rest. This will eliminate any favorite clothing with visible holes or stains that have been outlawed from being seen in public. Besides, mothers always seem to know what will be needed and what can be bought later if left behind.

Once you are packed and ready to go there is still a lot to be done.

If flying

You must arrive at the airport 2 hours prior to your flight. You must get your entire family dressed correctly to be able to go through the scanners. You must have any carry-on items ready to be searched at the airport. You should have items with you to keep your children amused through the flight. You should have arranged for a rental car or a bus for transportation. You should be prepared to pay for drinks and snacks while on the plane. You should be prepared to pay for overweight baggage. You must keep track of your tickets and boarding passes.
Arrival and leaving the airport for your final destination is exciting. You are likely to be both tired from the trip and wired from the excitement. It is up to the parents to decide whether or not to start on an adventure or relax at the pool, get a good night’s sleep, and start the next day.

While deciding what to do next, make a plan.

Begin with the item that most of the family wants to visit. This way if anything hampers the vacation you will have already taken care of that important point of interest. Make a list of points of view that are in neighborhoods near each other so that they can be visited on the same day when possible. This will save gasoline or tram fares. Always carry a cooler inside your car if possible filled with drinks and snacks so that you will not have to purchase them at high prices. It only takes a few moments to go back to the parking lot for a few minutes’ rest and refreshment. Do NOT buy any souvenirs inside of a tourist destination. Always check out the local dollar store for postcards and gifts and also Wal-Mart for tee-shirts and also for food. If you have a lot of souvenirs to take back for relatives, put them in a box at the post office and mail them to yourself at home. Don’t try to take them on the plane. It will cause extra weight charges.
Now that you have all the information to make your decisions and plan a well informed trip, all you have to do is decide where you want to go and how much you have to spend.