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Fairy Tale Towns Fairy Tale Road Hamelin Bremen Sleeping Beauty Pied Piper

Relive the joys of your childhood in the many hours you spend reading the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm when you visit Germany’s Fairy Tale Road. All the towns along this route are featured in these classic tales of your childhood and a visit to this location will bring them all to life for you.

See the castle that inspired Sleeping Beauty, trace the route of Little Red Riding Hood and marvel at the medieval villages steeped in history. The Fairy Tale Road starts in Hanau, which is only 13 miles east of Frankfurt and ends in the town of Bremen, made famous in the take of the Bremen Town Musicians.


This town is the starting point for a fascinating journey. It is the birthplace of Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm and there is a statue of the brothers in the center of town. One of the must sees of this location is the Hessian Doll Museum where you will see a fine collection of antique dolls.


The brothers lived in a home in this town that sees thousands of visitors each year. Take a tour of their home in Steinau, which is now the site of the Museum of the Brothers Grimm. After your visit, you can spend many memorable hours strolling the narrow streets of the town. There are dioramas of the fairy takes at the Renaissance Schloss as well as a tower that you can climb to get a bird’s eye view of the town. For a full day of fun, head to the amusement park just outside the town where you will also find a petting zoo and a small train.

Schlawm Region

Hike through the forests of this region as you relive the story of Red Riding Hood. One of the towns in this region, Zieggehain, has a museum devoted to period costumes and clothing. Here you will be able to see the type of clothing that Red Riding Hood and her grandmother would have worn.


This town square of Gottingen was the inspiration for The Goose Girl. You will find a statue of the goose girl in the square. According to legend kissing this statue is supposed to give you good luck, which makes it the most kissed of all statues on the world. From the tower of ST. John’s Church you will have a commanding view of the city. This is also the perfect location to take a stroll through the old ramparts of the city through a grove or lime trees.


The medieval castle at Trendelburg was the fictional home of Rapunzel who was imprisoned in one of its towers. Many visitors climb to this castle each year and gaze in awe at the imposing structure that has stood the test of time.

Castle Sababurg, Dornroschenschloss

How would you like to spend the night in the castle in which Sleeping Beauty slept for 100 years? This castle is 650 years old and is now the setting of a romantic hotel. Wander the grounds and delight in the colorful landscaping and centuries old trees. There are also castle ruins on this site as well as a playground for the children and a petting zoo. Whenever you travel the Fairy Tale Road, you should arrange your travel plans so that you can spend at least one night in this location.


Hamelin was the setting for the Pied Piper’s tune that lured away all the children. The setting of the story is displayed in the town. You can visit the rat catcher’s house and marvel at the Wedding House where you will find the story illustrated in colorful pictures. IN the afternoon,. The clock and the carillon in this house play the tune the Pied Piper is reputed to have played and his fingers actually move. In Hamelin, one of the specialties of the bakery shops is little loaves of bread shaped like rats.


You can’t miss the statue of the Bremen Town Musicians in the town square with the rooster perched on the cat. All the animals are standing on top of each other. Throughout the town there are many references to this famous fairy tale in the puppet shows that take place in various venues.