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Everything you need to know about Voluntourism

Name an activity that involve a vacation and volunteer work. Are you stumped? It’s called voluntourism. Voluntourism is a great way to impact humanity and to enjoy a much-needed getaway. Here is an idea about what voluntourism is.
Think of voluntourism as giving of yourself in time and getting something back in learning another’s culture and history. I would call it a vacation with learning. Below, are some ideas about voluntourism packages and preparations needed for your trip. Before you go:

Check for organizations that sponsor voluntourists’ packages. Worldwide organizations like the Peace Corps and Amnesty International are always looking for volunteers to go to Third World or underdeveloped countries. For instance, you want to go to Kenya. Instead of staying in the capital of Nariobi, visit a tribal village. While staying there, get to learn some of the native customs, the language, dress and their habits. As the tribesmen teach you Swahili or some other native tongue, you can teach them English or another official language you know. In the meantime, you may help with sanitation and agricultural projects. Of course, after the work day is done, take in a safari or a festival.

If you’re a student or teacher, get involved in an exchange student program. Most of these occur in European countries like Spain, Italy, Greece or France. There are also a few opening up in some Slavic countries in southern Europe. For around $2500 and passing certain, education criteria, anyone can travel to another country and learn their culture, history and heritage. A person doesn’t have to wait until they’re grown to be a voluntourist. With the exchange student progams, they can start while they’re young.

Check for trip packages on eBay. This may be a faster way to purchase a trip to your chosen destination. Priceline and Orbitz also sponsor voluntourist’ packages as well. In additon, they provide more opportunities for discounts and better rates on airfare, hotel stay and transportation while there.

Update your passport; including driver’s license, travelers cheques, bank card, social security card, etc. Keep your items safe from theft or from getting lost. Plus, don’t bring cash on your trip.