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Egypts Boy King Revealed

As long as I can remember Egypt has been a place that intrigued me, a place like no other, a place I knew I had to see with my own eyes. In my collection of many books and articles, all devoted to this ancient world, as great as these books are, nothing can ever prepare you in mind, body or spirit for what you will see, as your eyes gaze upon its wonders, a snapshot of another era is etched in your memory, replayed over and over in your minds eye.

I was fortunate enough at the age of 10 to visit Cairo and my love affair started, no place I have ever been since has left such a deep feeling within me.

Ancient Egypt had many Kings and was ahead of its time allowing women also to wear the crown and rule this advanced empire. A civilization responsible for many inventions some of which are still used today, forceps for delivering babies and the first umbrella is on display in the Cairo Museum made from gold to keep the Boy King cool in the hot Egyptian sun.

On my previous visit to Egypt, the tomb I wanted to see the most was that of the most famous King of all, Tutankhamen, but unfortunately it was closed for restoration. Due to the number of tombs in the Valley needing restoration, you will often find that several are closed to the public.

I was disappointed, but knew that now I had another excuse to come back, so continued my travels on to Cairo once again and to the Museum where I could gaze upon his magnificent treasure of the King himself.

After the death of his father Akhenaten, the new ruler was his stepmother, Nefertiti. A beauty queen of her day, she ruled briefly but as like many other rulers before her, she vanished without a trace. The throne was now Tutankhamen’s for the taking.

The new King had many advisers who pressured him to change the religion, the belief in many gods was reinstated, the old beliefs of his father were banished from the land.

A boy of 19 was now the ruler or the greatest ancient empire the world had ever known, until his untimely death, another mysterious death, death from an infection after fracturing his scull and leg or murder?

Once the King is crowned commencement of the tomb which will take many years to construct is started, as the assumption that the King will live for many years there should be enough time to build the final resting place. Sadly as the Boy King died prematurely a small tomb already constructed which would of been used for a lower ranking official had to be used.

The sky was azure blue as I waited outside for a calesh to take me to the Valley of The Kings, I was back now and had it on good authority that the Boy King was in residence today and his tomb was now restored. I had an excited feeling in my stomach, I had waited so long to see this tomb, I knew it would live up to my expectations and would undoubtedly exceed them, of all the culture and history Egypt has to offer, this tomb of the King who’s life also was cut short, who would too be more famous upon death than in life, this was it, I was going to stand before him.

As I got out of the calesh I could see the queue forming already, the Valley of the Kings has on average 5000 visitors a day, most of whom were there for the same reason as me, to see a King. After what seemed a lifetime I was walking down into the tomb. If anyone suffers from claustrophobia it is a little narrow, travelling downward, there is hardly enough room for two people to pass each other, but to miss it would be out of the question.

Eventually I was walking down the tomb and into the chamber as I turned and entered a small anti chamber my heart was pounding, my dreams to see him had come true, his face was remarkable and the trade mark protruding teeth inherited from his ancestors, it was amazing, now the world can see him and his body will be protected from decay in his glass coffin.

After a 3000 year journey his final journey into the after life is now over the Boy King has his new resting place for the world to see and gaze upon his face – the face of a truly great Pharaoh rest in peace.