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Economical Ways to have a Fun Filled Day at an Amusement Park

Planning a family day at an amusement park can be a challenge especially when you don’t want to empty your children’s college fund to do it.

We all just want to have some fun without breaking the bank right? So first and foremost we check with all our affiliations for discount tickets. These can include employers, credit unions, wholesale clubs, even auto and travel clubs.

When those stones are unturned then we look in local restaurants and grocery stores for discount tickets. Sometimes you can even check your local Craig’s list.

Now that you have the tickets you need to plan what to take with you .On the day of the trip make a healthy breakfast. Keep in mind everyone is going to get very thirsty and hungry. Most amusement parks won’t allow coolers. My suggestion is to carry a backpack. Pack enough water bottles for each member of your family to have 2 each. You can bring flavor packets to add to the water if the kids aren’t to keen on water. They make great ones with kool aid and lemonade. Alternate family members to carry the back pack.

You’ve solved the thirst but your brood is going to need energy to stand in line for those rides. This is where all those extra pockets backpacks have will come in handy. Pack nabs, handy snacks or bags of cereal for the little ones. Even fruit roll ups are a good option.

The average family spends 8 to 12 hours at the park. During that time you will pass an average of 30 concessions stands. They are there to lure you eat park food at astronomical prices. Don’ t fall for it. There are one of two solutions. The first would be steak out surrounding restaurants on your way to the park. If there are fast food restaurants there is usually a value menu. It is considerably more economical to eat there than in the park.

Don’t want to leave the park grounds? No problem. Most parks have picnic areas. While at home pack some cold fried chicken, potato salad or other suitable food for you family. When everyone is finished they will be ready for more fun filled hours at the park.

Your going to want everyone to remember that special day. Many discount stores sell disposable cameras that come in value packs. Give each member of the family one to let them take pictures of what they want to remember. Grab maps of the park, parking stubs, and any other memorabilia and make a family scrap book. This is far better than any plastic piece of junk that will one day grace a thrift store shelf or landfill.

Most important have fun out there!