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Disneyland the Grand Canyon Crater Lake Niagara Falls Yellowstone Park

The Grand Canyon National Park , Arizona

Nothing in the world is more stunning than watching the sun set from the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. All the nooks and crannies, cracks and crevices and colors are highly accented by the setting of the sun. It is an exciting and eerie feeling watching the shadows creep across the canyon wall. The immense vast expanse of the canyon changes by the second as the last glimpses of sky fade into darkness. When darkness finally comes the stars seem crisper and brighter at the Grand Canyon. No influence of nearby cities, just the silent calm of your surroundings.

Crater Lake National Park, Oregon

Looking at a postcard, people who have never been here often comment that the photograph has been enhanced. How could anything be that blue? Crater Lake really is that blue. I have been here many times in my lifetime. Everytime I think it is more beautiful than the last. When you get up to the edge and look down into the caldera filled with shimmering blue, it just takes your breath away. The rim drive around the lake is something I highly reccomend. Take the pull outs, get out of your car and enjoy every stop. You will likely be greeted by Golden Crown Squirrels and Clarks Nutcrackers. The GC squirrels are often mistaken for chipmunks, but none of them bear the telltale sweaters with the first letter of their names embroidered on. Clarks nutcrackers are also called robber jays. They will steal if they get the chance, and they are very vocal if you don’t share your snacks. Visit also the Historic and lovely Crater Lake Lodge.

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Yellowstone Park and the Amazing Old Faithful Geyser. I love being at the geyser on a cool morning. The buffalo meander in to sit on the geothermally heated ground nearby. Like clockwork, thar she blows. It never ceases to delight. I love the easy hike from there over to the morning Glory Pool. The sights and sound and smells of the bubbling geysers are a unique experience. You will likely see a lot of wildlife roaming through the area. Buffalo and elk are most common. I have also seen wolves and bears.

Niagara Falls, New York

You can only experience the immense power of the falls by visiting them. No photo or video will ever do it justice. As you walk along the riverbank toward the falls, you can see and hear the mighty rushing of water. So much dynamic power. The ground vibrates. Near the drop, there is a mist that rises far above the wall. You can ride an elevator down for a look from below. It’s no wonder that people come from all around the world to honeymoon here. You cannot experience the falls without being impressed. I always wonder about the individuals who make daredevil attempts to go over, hoping to survive being plunged over the side. At night, they light up the falls in Colored lights. Best viewed from the Canadian side.

Disneyland in California

Well let it not be said that manmade attractions do not have their allure. A place where parents and kids can play together. I cherish my childhood memories of coming here. I cherish the experience of bringing my children here and experiencing it anew through their eyes. While Disneyland continues to change, it also remains very much the same. I will never forget hearing the birdies sing and the flowers croon in the Enchanted Tiki room. I love the Jungle Cruise, where you delight to the sights like the backside of water and the are entertained by the boat skippers who tell you that the scariest part of the journey is the return to civilization. I love to get soaked on Splash Mountain, and I thrill at the sight of all the amazing dolls in the Small World. Jus t to name a few of the highlights. Best of all is the moment when Tinkerbell flies from the top of Matterhorn Mountain, the fireworks and the parade. It is truly the happiest place on earth.