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Disneyland Area Hotels

When people travel to Anaheim from other parts of the country or even the world, they usually have one desitnation in mind…..Disneyland. Trying to find a hotel to rest your head and weary body after a long day at the park can be daunting to say the least, especially if you have children in tow. If you drive the block around Disneyland, you will find nothing but hotels. So which one do you stay at? Which one can you trust to take good care of you and your kids? Which one is not going to charge you the same price that you paid for your week long ticket to get into the park, to stay one night?

– Use the Internet-

When I am looking at staying at a new hotel, I use a website called Tripadvisor.com. It has reviews from people who have stayed there before. They are pretty candide about their experiences and if they have had problems they will write about it. Another way to find the truth about a hotel is to simply type in the name and location of the hotel into a search engine. This will bring up the website for the hotel and it will also bring up any reviews done on that hotel at separate travel websites.

-Personal Recommendations-

Travelodge- There are a number of different Travelodges around the park. We have stayed at two different ones and neither were impressive. Both were inexpensive and on the outskirts of the resort area. I ended not going back to either one because the neighborhoods that both were in were a little too scary for me. Not a secure place to have children in.

Motel 6 (Formerly Red Roof)- I am not sure what this hotel is like since Motel 6 took over it. However one would like to assume that they would have kept it almost the same. The price was very inexpensive and the room was good sized, enough room for kids to stretch out and play. We stayed here for one of our longer stays at Disneyland (8 days). They have free coffee in the morning but no breakfast. There is no restaraunts really around to be able to get something and it is right next to the freeway. The pool was supposed to have been heated, but was so cold that we could not stay in the pool for very long without freezing. The most impressive thing about this hotel was the staff. I sprained my ankle at the park the last night we were at the park and the staff was so underwstanding that they let us stay in our room past check out time, so that I didn’t have to wait for our shuttle in the lobby. The walk to the park is a good number of blocks and too long for tired children.

Clarion- We stayed at this hotel as part of a package deal through Alaska Airlines. It was the least expensive hotel and we got a night free. My son also ate in the restaraunt free with my paid meal. This actually a hotel and not a motel, for the price you would never know that. The Clarion is across the street from the Hilton by the Anaheim Convention Center. It is within walking distance, but it is a long walk I would recommend taking the ART trolley. The room itself was good sized and unlike the other places that we had stayed at up until now it was quiet. If I needed to, I would stay at this hotel again. My son and I both enjoyed our stay here.

Tropicana Inn- This is by far one of the 3 closest places to the entrance of Disneyland. This motel is even closer to the entrance then the Disneyland Hotel is. The staff was nice, the room was decent, there was no real breakfast to speak of, but there is a convenience store on sight. I would definately stay here again because of how close to the park it is. However, because of the convenience you will pay more. But, on the nights that you are carrying a tired out little one, you won’t care how much you paid.

Howard Johnson- In the last 5 years my son and I have take 8 trips to Disneyland. This is the only hotel that we have stayed at twice and this is the hotel that we are going to be staying at when we go again. The Howard Johnson is right across the street from the park ( you can see the Materhorn and the Monorail go by from the hotel). But it is 2 blocks down from the entrance, the ART trolley does stop here, but it will take you longer to ride the trolley to the park then it will to walk. We have stayed in two different rooms here and both were nice, but the two queen bed room that we had the first time was the nicest room that I had ever stayed in down there. The property is beautiful and well kept. The staff are friendly and go out of their way to make you feel at home there. There is also a conveineince store with lots of souveniers and they also have a video arcade for the kids. This last summer they transformed one of their two pools into a sunken pirate ship water park for the kids. It was not open yet when we stayed there last, but we are looking forward to using it next time. Of all the hotels there I would highly recommend this one and the best thing is, it is cheaper then the other not so nice hotels closer to the park entrance.