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Discrimination against the Obese – No

The problem of obesity is a personal problem but not the cause for discomfort on the airlines. The airlines are trying to make a profit which is understandable but it’s not acceptable when they try to charge an obese person extra. The seats are simply too small even for us less than obese passengers. The seats are not large enough and the leg room is deplorable. We should be asking the airlines to charge us less money until they can offer proper seating with ample leg room! The seats on the airlines are crammed together row after row with little room for any thought of flying in comfort unless you’re lucky enough not to have a passenger on your row.

I’m not a frequent flier but I do fly up North two or more times a year visiting family and friends so have a little familiarity with the comforts and discomforts of flying. Airlines need to make all the seats larger and allow more room between rows to give you more leg room.I don’t see how a really tall person is even able to fly on regular airlines. I’m only 5ft 8inches and it’s very uncomfortable for me to sit due to leg room. My husband and I always try to get in the emergency exit seats because they have more leg room but so does everyone else and so that’s not always possible. Imagine my dismay when I get to my cramped seat and the guy in front of me decides to recline his seat to be comfortable. That’s great because now I have no leg room and fill like the guy in the sit in front of me is now in my lap!

If a business of any type is to be successful, one of the first rules of thumb is to satisfy the customer. Charging an obese person extra to fly is not resolving a problem but discriminating against one of its customers. The airlines should take a look at their services being offered and reevaluate what they have to offer. You have obese passengers, very tall passengers, parents with children and elderly people that have their own unique problems in traveling by plane and none of these problems are being addressed successfully. The airlines needs to make some changes in their seats and row alignments in order to make travel more pleasant for their passengers rather than discriminate against the obese person. The poor seating arrangements that cram hundreds of us on to a plane so uncomfortably with or without an obese passenger next to us is the problem of the Airlines. If they are going to discriminate against the obese passenger, who will be next? Discrimination should not be allowed anywhere so why is it being allowed in the Airline industry.