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Cusco Perus Witches Market

Over five hundred years ago Cusco, Peru was home to the Incas and the land was known as their sacred valley and it was here the Incas thrived. They were a people of exceptional intelligence and were known as great scientists, doctors, astrologers and also farmers. Today located in this sacred valley you will find the San Pedro market where Peruvians offer a wide assortment of fruits and vegetables as well as some hand crafted items which are made by the locals in the area.

However it is the market next door to this basic style farmer’s market that is truly a place to be visited but you must possess a sense of adventure and an affection for things unique and somewhat bizarre in order to truly appreciate this destination.

The market which is known locally as Mercado de las Brujas means simply the “Witches Market”. It is recommended that you visit the Witches market on a weekend, this way you will get the full experience as many locals come from the hills to hock their wares which can include anything from herbs, dried rodent tails, dead animal carcasses, a wide array of potions, and herbal medicines and beautiful hand crafted amulets and charms as well as hand weaved baskets.

Everything here is sold with a purpose whether you are looking to be cleansed of evil spirits, cure the common cold, or come into some money there is an herbal remedy or potion sold for it here. There is also a good chance that you will come upon an actual witch doctor or even a sorcerer who will be more than happy to cast a spell for you, for a small fee of course but have no fear they only practice good magic here. It is another good idea to make a stop at the currency exchange center before your visit to the Witches market because there is definitely something to please or intrigue everyone here.

Another thing at the witch’s market that you really should try is their local drink the chicha which is made almost the same as if brewing beer. Made from corn it can be a sweet drink or a strong bitter one but is certainly worth a taste. Lastly if you are still feeling adventurous after your walk through the market you may want to indulge in one of Peru’s main delicacies, Gunie Pig, it is a main staple here in Peru and you are always sure to find one or more of them roasting here and they will be more than happy to roast one up for you.