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Curacao Dolphin Academy

The Dolphin Academy in Curacao is located at the Curacao Sea Aquarium in Curacao. This academy allows visitors have the opportunity to have a one on one experience with dolphins by interacting with them in many different ways that includes swimming, snorkeling, and diving. The goal of the Dolphin Academy is to teach people about dolphins while allowing them to interact with them in a controlled environment.

The dolphins were first introduced to the Dolphin Academy in 2002 when they were brought in from Roatan Honduras. Since 2002, when the original six dolphins were brought to the Dolphin Academy, a few of the dolphins have had children of their own which has expanded the dolphin’s numbers.

There are many different programs that people have the option of participating in that are suited for a variety of different skill sets. These programs range from $79 a person to upwards of $250 a person depending on program and how interactive it is.

The Dolphin Encounter program is accessible for both children and adults of all ages. The groups that participate in the encounter are kept small, with a maximum of just six people who can participate at a time. The interactive program lasts for about 15 to 20 minutes and guests can touch, hug, and kiss the dolphins while learning about them if they choose to do so.

The Dolphin Swim is another program that has a more intimate environment as there is a maximum of 6. The program lasts about 30 minutes, and is for competent swimmers. During the program, visitors can touch, swim, interact and enjoy the dolphins.

The Dolphin Snorkel program is a 30 minute program only for those who are experienced snorkelers and can hold their breath for a minimum of 30 seconds. During the program, participants will dive down and interact with the dolphins under water.

Those who love to dive will enjoy the Open Water Dive program and the Dolphin Scuba Encounter. Groups who participate in this program are taken out into the dolphins the ocean in the dolphin’s natural environment to interact with them.

A visit to the Dolphin Academy in Curacao allows visitors to have an experience unlike any one that they would be able to experience anywhere on this earth. So, for those that do decide to go, know that only a handful of people will ever get to interact so closely with these majestic sea animals.