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Cruising without gaining weight

Going on a cruise can be a rather incredible adventure, however many people complain about packing on the pounds during a floating vacation. The correlation between cruises and unwanted weight gain stems from the continuous availability of food. The food is always so delicious, the selection is typically vast and exotic, and the amounts chosen tend to be embellished a tad too much.

Enjoying a cruise, including not just the sights but the food as well, does not have to include bringing home extra luggage attached to your body. There are several simple tips and tricks to employ in order to avoid the weight gaining portion of the trip.

Quantity vs. quality

First and foremost, you should pay attention to what you are eating, and, more importantly, the amount that you are eating. There is no reason why you need to eat more on a cruise than you do while at home. Even though the foods tend to taste so much better on a cruise, keep in check your portion size, or else the additional weight will settle somewhere along your personal equator.


It is not necessary to visit the fitness centre aboard your ship, since you have paid to enjoy a vacation. Instead, opt to walk around the ship a few times instead of just enjoying the view from one specific area. The more you move around, the better off you will be in terms of burning off a few of the calories you consumed. The sights and perspectives from different tiers of the ship and from different sides will also help you to take better pictures.

You should also walk up and down the stairs instead of piling in an elevator to change levels. The more that you are active, the less likely you will be to gain weight on a cruise.


Proper sleep is also key to keeping an eye on the weight gain. It is unlikely that you will keep your normal sleep patterns while on a cruise ship, due to many reasons, such as new and exciting night life, trouble sleeping due to nausea, or simply just enjoying the moments and creating memories. It is imperative, however, that you do not run on empty the entire cruise, or else you may find yourself looking for additional pick-me-ups, such as caffeine or sugary foods. Poor food choices lead to weight gain, so try and be as alert as possible.


Trying not to change your routine very much during a cruise is very difficult, but you should remain cognizant of typical choices that you make in your everyday life in order to stay somewhat true to your body.

Cruises are extremely popular, and are a fantastic way to see the sights. They are affordable, and you get treated very well while on board. They can be great vacations for couples, friends, or for families and you will be able to enjoy yourself a great deal if you do not fret about putting on a few extra pounds. Stay focused on your body, and make sure to savour every single moment of your cruise.