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Cruise Ship History Carnival Conquest

The Carnival Cruise Company has over the last few years created a commanding lead over their competitors in the cruise market in the Caribbean, one of the main reasons is the level of comfort and luxury accorded to their passengers onboard their ships. One of these huge and majestic looking vessels is the Carnival Conquest, whose interior is themed around French Impressionism to complement her home port of New Orleans.

Carnival Conquest is the lead ship of the Conquest class of liners and was built by the Italian ship yard of Fincantieri in the city of Monfalcone. The vessel was ordered by Carnival Cruise Lines on 4 August 1998 at a cost of five hundred million US dollars. This huge sum of money can be seen in the inside opulence with fittings and fixtures being fashioned by leading designers and craftsmen liberally distributed all across the Carnival Victory’s thirteen decks. The sheer scale of the ship is staggering. At one hundred and one thousand five hundred and nine gross tons, she is a massive vessel, comparable to United States Navy nuclear powered aircraft carriers in size. Being a passenger ship Carnival Conquest is not powered by Atomic power instead she has the very latest and most modern diesel electric propulsion system available. The combined diesels and electric generators onboard the ship provide her with thirty four thousand kilowatts of power enough to power her two variable pitch propellers for a top speed of just over twenty two knots. The generators also provide power for the ship herself, everything from lighting, heating, cooking in the galleys and the all important safety and navigation equipment. Her dimensions are eight hundred and ninety three feet or two hundred and seventy two metres, 19 centimetres long a beam of one hundred and sixteen feet or thirty five metes 35 centimetres and a draught of twenty seven feet or eight metres twenty three centimetres.

Carnival Conquest is for the course of a cruise home to a crew of one thousand one hundred who tend to all the whims and fancies of the two thousand seven hundred and fifty eight fair paying passengers onboard the cruise liner.

Carnival Conquest was christened in New Orleans on 19 November 2002 by former US Congresswoman Lindy Boggs. Once the press and media had photographed, filmed and examined every possible glorious shot of the liner, the ship herself made her maiden commercial voyage on 15 October

So what can passengers expect when booking a cruise of this mammoth ship? If they booked for entertainment they will not be disappointed. In addition to the wonderful ports of call onboard the ship there are fabulous restaurants serving a worldwide selection of foods, theatres, water parks and a casino.