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Country Music Hall of Fame

Country music fans simply cannot visit Music City USA without visiting the Country Music Hall of Fame Museum. With so many exhibits and valuable information, the museum will thrill anyone who is a fan of country music. The Hall of Fame and Museum is located in the heart of downtown Nashville on 5th Avenue. This is just a short drive from nearly anywhere in the city. If you are vacationing in Tennessee and are a country music fan, this is one stop you will not want to miss!

The Sing Me Back Home exhibit provides an excellent history lesson in the time line of country music and provides an interactive format so that visitors can learn and explore at their own pace. This exhibit is permanent and can be viewed at anytime the museum is open. The Hall of Fame Rotunda exhibit is also a permanent exhibit which displays plaques in recognition of all of the Hall of Fame inductees. The plaques are placed in no particular order to ensure that each member receives the same level of honor.

Through the end of 2009 visitors can enjoy the Family Traditions exhibit which pays tribute to Hank Williams and his family. To learn more about temporary exhibits one can visit the Country Music Hall of Fame website. The Moving Image collection is an awesome display of video in nearly every imaginable format. From current DVDs to photos taken as early as the 1920’s, the Moving Image Collection will awe the country music fan!

The museum has so much to offer, one simply cannot describe its magnificence! Photos, instruments, posters and more are available for viewing. Anyone who is a fan of country music will certainly have a learning experience of a lifetime! Admission to the museum can vary in price depending on what you want your experience to include. Visit the website for more information.

A full historic view of the country music industry can be found in this one location. From the twangy sounds of early country to modern days styles can be found under one roof. Discover the history and the journey from beginning to current times. Museum curators are available to answer questions and provide additional information regarding the exhibits. Anyone who has a love for Country Music must make a stop at the museum and hall of fame!

Those wishing to become a museum member can pay an annual fee and enjoy the museum any time without charge. The website has more details or you can visit to learn more. A recent list of inductees is also available through the website.