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Colima Mexico Visit Colima the Colima Volcano

Colima is the main city in the state of Colima in Mexico. It is also one of the oldest cities in the country and as such is the perfect destination to choose if you don’t want to endure crowds of tourists. The beach is about a 30 minute drive away and for this reason Colima is off the beaten track when it comes to visiting Mexico. Because of its higher elevation the climate is also more pleasant and is not as hot as areas that are closer to the water.

The town is overshadowed by a volcano that has erupted several times in the past, with the most recent eruption having taken place in 1995. It is almost 15,000 feet in height and does give off smoke every now and then. For those not accustomed to volcanoes, they may think that the wispy clouds that sometimes envelop the town is fog, but it is smoke from the mouth of the volcano.

Colima offers the quintessential small town experience in Mexico with its population of about 15,000. There are many types of accommodations to suit all budgets and restaurants offer a selection of traditional and international dishes that are sure to please even the most discerning palette.

Be sure to visit the Museum of Popular Culture and Art in Colima where you will see a large collection of costumes and musical instruments that represent the culture of the country. These have been collected from all parts of Mexico giving you the chance to see them all in one place rather than have to travel to various locations. Here you can also see how the traditional “pan dulce” is made in the bakehouse that exists at this location.

If you are interested in the culture of the indigenous people of Mexico then a visit to the Museo de Historia de Colima should definitely be on your itinerary. Here you will see artifacts from the pre-Hispanic culture of the country in dancers’ masks and furniture. There are also baskets and ceramics on display that show the ingenuity and talent of these early peoples.

Many archaeological sites have been uncovered in and near Colima. The Museum of Western Culture in this town highlights the burial sites that have been unearthed and the finds that have been taken from them are astonishing. All these are on display in this museum where you can spend hours browsing the exhibits.

Life is casual and the pace unhurried in Colima – the perfect way to relax and unwind on your vacation.