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Cheapest Days to Buy and Fly

Flying isn’t cheap! Fortunately, you can slice dollars off the cost of your flight by picking the right days to fly and the right days to buy. It’s all in the timing!


The cheapest day of the week to fly domestically is Wednesday. By hump day, most people who are going somewhere during the week are probably already there, and most people who want to do something for the weekend won’t start off until closer to the weekend.

Coming in a close second and third are Tuesday and Saturday. Tuesday’s cheap for the same reasons Wednesday is. Saturday’s cheap because a lot of cheap airline tickets have a stipulation for a Saturday night stayover.

The absolutely most expensive days to fly domestically are Friday and Sunday. Think about it. Business people are coming back from a week away. Weekenders are either leaving for the weekend or returning. Do you really think you could possibly sneak out a cheap ticket around that?


The same reasoning applies when you’re buying a plane ticket, but you’ve got to move it up to Tuesday. To be exact, the cheapest tickets are available around Tuesday at 3 pm EST.

That’s because most people plan in advance. People who are thinking about flying on the weekend usually start looking a couple of days ahead of the weekend, even if it’s not the next weekend you’re thinking about.

That’s why all the really cheap deals are usually yanked off the boards by Thursday. Don’t ever look on the weekend if you’re looking for really cheap deals. If you’re buying on the weekend, you’re screwed.

Of course, if you’re looking for cheap plane tickets, you’re not looking at the last minute! To get the best deals, you’ve got to look well in advance. Flight tickets usually reach their cheapest point at six weeks before departure.


A good way to get out of the tight economy class seats is to get a rock-bottom economy class flight and use your travel rewards points to upgrade. If you can’t get that option, try to get a bulkhead seat. At least it will get you some extra legroom.

However, if all else fails, make sure you check in early. If you’ve left it until the last minute, you know you’re going to get stuck with the back row middle seats, just ahead of the washrooms. Let’s hope it’s not a long flight!