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Travel Planning

How to Plan an Ecotourism Trip

The first and most important aspect of planning an Eco-tourism trip is choosing a destination of which you are passionate about its conservation, curious of its mysteries, in awe of its beauty and captivated by its people. Obviously, if you have experienced any of the above emotions, you have done …

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Resort or Cruise Vacation

Choosing between a resort and a cruise depends primarily on what the individual is looking for in a vacation. Other factors in making a choice include, where you have been in the past; what experiences you have had with either a resort or a cruise; how much money you have …

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Tips for Dealing with Stress while on Vacation

There are many causes of stress while traveling, and learning how to cope with them in a healthy manner is imperative. While traveling, the most common causes of stress are money issues, accommodations, children, directions, and airline troubles. These facets of travel add heavy burdens to otherwise enjoyable atmospheres. Keep …

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