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Diamondback Kings Island

On April 18, 2009 a new snake claimed its territory in southern Ohio, and it bites hard. Diamondback opened at Kings Island in Mason, OH just north of Cincinnati this spring to incredibly long lines and extremely excited park guests. I was lucky enough to experience this brand new steel …

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Summer Vacation Safety Tips

Going on holiday or vacation is the highlight of many people’s year. We save our money. Decide on a destination . We even primp and preen ourselves to look our best for those precious few weeks away from home. Sometimes safety concerns can be in the back of our minds, …

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What is the Currency of Sweden

Sweden has not adopted the Euro, but retains the Krona instead. The Swedish Krona has the currency code SEK and has been the currency of Sweden since the 19th century. Until 1873, the official currency in Sweden was the Riksdaler. The Riksdaler became obsolete when the Scandinavian Monetary Union accepted …

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Spring Break Vacation Idea for Families

If families plan to enjoy spring break vacation together, they should choose places that offer fun and interesting things to do for all members of the family. Some spring break vacations are best if they include activities all members can enjoy together, such as are available at beachfront resorts. There …

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Dressing to Travel or Fly

If you ever saw a movie such as “Catch Me If You Can” that recalls the glory days of air travel, everyone dressed up. Business suit, tie, and even a hat were de rigueur for gentleman, while ladies were expected to wear a lengthy dress or the like. But how …

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Cheap Travel using the Internet

Planning a vacation or dreaming of that special place you’ve always wanted to travel to? Many of us do, but when it comes to our budget travel seems to become a luxury we can’t afford just now. Experiencing other parts of the world doesn’t have to be expensive. A well-deserved …

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