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Pros and Cons of Singular Travel

I’ve taken some memorable vacations, many with family/friends and quite a few where I went by myself. To some people, traveling single may seem lonely, and even a bit scary. While it has its drawbacks, singular travel has some perks too. But let’s begin with the downside. If you travel …

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Big Ben

BIG BEN. Close your eyes. Go on, close them. Now, if I ask you to picture London, England in your mind’s eye, what do you see? Pound to a penny it’s a mental picture of Big Ben, the iconic clock tower looking down augustly over the Houses of Parliament and …

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Tips for how to Travel Easy with Kids

Traveling with kids can be challenging and make the actual trip seem even longer. No matter the medium of transportation, children often tend to complain about the distance and the time that it takes. How can we make the travel smoother and more enjoyable for both children and parents? Parents’ …

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European Tourism Ideas

Europe is one of the smallest continents and yet is divided into numerous small countries, all filled with history and culture that goes back thousands of years. It has much to see with many places to go, all relatively close together, yet has no unified Tourism strategy. It is time …

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Product Reviews Ups Cardboard Suitcase

Over the years there has been a continuing rise in the number of passengers using airlines to travel both domestically and internationally. However with the increased security regulations in operation these days along with the increased cost of baggage it can sometimes be a frustrating experience. Carry on baggage and …

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