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Avoid Accidents at Amusement Parks

If you’ll be taking your kids to the amusement park, or escorting a class full of young school students, first gather them all together for a meeting. The best time to talk about safety and avoiding accidents is before actually going into the park. Sit everyone down and make sure …

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Eco Tourism in new Zealand

Here in New Zealand “Eco Tourism” is taking off in big way, a lot of Tourism operator’s have always been green, but not generally operated under the banner of a green industry. In New Zealand, we have a beautiful natural environment, and we like to keep it green and clean. Operators …

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Packing for Vacation

Going on a vacation is something that we all look forward to. It is though sometimes a bit stressful when you are thinking about what to pack. If you take too much it is a nightmare and if you miss something, then it gets you down when you arrive. The …

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Best Family Vacations for Toddlers

People often think that if you have toddlers you are limited to the typical kid destinations such as Disney World or water theme parks. However, all you really need to remember is that toddlers are natural explorers. Give them plenty of room to engage all their senses, and they will …

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Things to do during Summer

There are so many trendy new words these days that it can be challenging to keep up! One such word is staycation, which means a vacation that occurs without traveling from home. Given the current economy, it is likely that staycations will be more popular than ever this year. Below …

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Cheap Spring Break Destinations

Due to the high cost of a college education these days it is quite likely that fewer college students will travel to a far away destination for the purpose of enjoying a “Spring Break Vacation.” Then again, one popular “Spring Break Vacation” destination, Mexico, is currently in the midst of …

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