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Travel Planning

Summer Vacation

Finding a vacation home that is being rented by its owner, rather than a timeshare or leasing agent, is often the key to a pleasant time away. Homes rented by their owner are often more comfortable, as they feel more like they have been lived in rather than a sterile …

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Dallas Texas Hurricane Harobr

When traveling to Fort Worth, Texas there are many family adventures waiting for the eager vacationer with money to spend and places to see. With temperatures reaching the triple digits its reasonable to assume an overheated tourist would look for a place to have a blast and cool down. Six …

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How to Avoid a Stressful Vacation

Travel is typically fun and relaxing for most people, but a poorly planned trip may become more stressful than your daily grind. With a little planning and some smart packing, you can avoid several common stress factors while traveling. Jet lag Avoid the symptoms of jet lag by resetting your …

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Cheap Surfing Spots around the World

Surfing is becoming big business with a lot of breaks hosting surf schools and hordes of hapless grommets. Thankfully the ocean is bountiful and there is always clean water just around the corner. Check out these budget surf destinations that are still off the beaten track: Dominican Republic From October …

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How to Pack Light

“What have you got in there? A ton of bricks?” “Did you bring the kitchen sink with you?” “You’re just going on vacation, not moving there!” Does this sound familiar? Many people are “packing-light-challenged,” destined to take everything they need times three on any vacation. It can be a real …

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Dangers of Raveling Light

Depending upon the location of your destination, as well as what you plan on doing on your trip, the dangers of packing light can be extreme to non-existent. A trip to Cuba, at an all-inclusive resort, may see you only needing a couple of bathing suits, two casual outfits and …

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