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Travel Spain

One of the greatest expenses associated with travel in Spain is the cost of food and lodging. Fortunately, travelers usually have a wide range of choices to fit almost any budget. Of course those choices almost invariably involve making certain sacrifices. Will they dine on champagne and caviar or soda …

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Walking Snowdow Wales

Did I know what I was getting myself into? Scaling the heights of Wales’ highest mountain Snowdon seemed like a good challenge. Certainly, for someone like me who wavers between a distinct distaste for heights and the occasional onslaught of vertigo, walking up Snowdon (known locally as Yr Wyddfa) was …

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Hoover Dam Tour

While you won’t want to miss a little action with the one-armed bandits while visiting Vegas, once Lady Luck runs her course, there’s much to keep you entertained outside of Sin City. Simply head south on US 93 and take an amazing dam tour! The site where the Colorado River …

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