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Experience Angkor Temples

My hair fluttered in the wind on the back of my hired tuk-tuk. Driving twelve kilometers into the Angkor jungles, the amazing Cambodian air was cool and luscious, yet upon stopping it instantly created a “stick” factor that made me look freshly emerged from a pool. I even wore my …

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Wales Britain Tourism

The countryside of North Wales rates among the most visually stunning locales I have ever seen; it is a friendly, bucolic place, if a bit on the expensive side. Though I feel a bit of an ungrateful bully leveling a complaint against a tiny Welsh hamlet, I was rather offended …

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I got off the boat hardly expecting anything that day. For me, it was just like any other-blue sky dappled by clouds, picturesque ocean views, a warm breeze. These were the trademarks of every day I had spent in Greece so far. So as far as I was concerned, the …

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Visiting Magnetic Island

Magnetic Island in Queensland Australia is a rather unique holiday destination. It is a tropical island in every sense with over 50% of the island protected as a national park. At the same time it has an urban population of more than 2500 residents. It also boasts some of the …

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