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Best Hotels near Waikiki Beach

When it comes to destinations that have it all, Waikiki has the market cornered. From the tranquil turquoise waters to the unbeatable nightlife, from the moment you arrive to the moment you leave, your time will be filled with something spectacular! Whether you’re looking for budget or extravagant, there are …

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The best Hotels in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh is a city built on the wealth of 19th century industrialists, such as Heinz, Mellon, and Carnegie. As a result, Pittsburgh is blessed with many architectural wonders, many of which are hotels. Forget about staying at a Hilton or a Marriott; to get the most out of your stay …

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New England Cottage Rentals

New England cottage rentals are available in all six States. They are open all year-round, with a variety of activities to suit every imagination. They range from luxury cottages to modest log cabin cottages and everything in between. And, if you can imagine this, rental cottages are even available on …

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Motorhome Holidays

Our first motorhome, a 1982 Volkswagen T2, was certainly not a hotel room on wheels, and neither was our second, a 1999 Toyota Highlife. That said, we had great fun in both of those vehicles. We never took the VW abroad, as it was temperamental to say the least, but a trip in …

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Eco Travel Standards

The larger than trendy movement to go green is not just reserved for home. Many travelers are reacting to the global call to reduce one’s environmental footprint. Concerned hotels and accommodations worldwide are striving to welcome guests into a green stay experience. It is no longer about using your towels …

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