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Caribbean Vacation Weather or is Caribbean Summers Mild or Island of Saba Weather or Hot Caribbean – Yes

Being a resident on the Island of Saba within the Caribbean, I have to admit that “summer heat” is relative. What is most important to remember regarding Caribbean islands is the altitude’s at which you’ll be staying. Most Caribbean vacation goers surround themselves with the beach, sun, and fun. This can be enjoyed year round – however at lower altitude, it may appear warm. Still, the weather is mild and stays the same generally all year round!

Now take some higher altitude Islands for example, such as Saba. The summers on this lush Caribbean Island are often much milder and extremely less-humid than even your average US destination! Upon returning to New York during the summer, I had missed the mild weather of Saba compared to sweltering humidity of New York.

The importance of this debate is not where it is hotter – but where is the most humid! In general, the United States has hot sweaty and humid summers. If you’re familiar with Arizona or southern California, you’ll see the temperature may be high but the humidity is very low – making it quite comfortable. You can expect to feel the same comfort level or more on your average Caribbean island all year round! This will also include the summers.

Many travellers take advantage of our winters, but in these frugal times you can save money and still cool-out in the Caribbean by travelling during the summer. Imagine the money you can save for those other important things in life and still be able to have the same enjoyment as if you went during the winter. Summers bring wonderfull opportunities to have a destination away from the typical winter-high crowds and allowing you (and your family) to sit back with the locals and enjoy yourself – at your own pace.

If you’re looking for warm winters and mild summers, I highly suggest you look at the beautiful Island of Saba. Saba’s unique altitude will allow you to keep cool while enjoying many of the local activities. Naturalists from around the world come to hiking the trails, dive our abundant reefs, and enjoy the local culture. As an island with a rain forest (Yes a rain forest!) you will find it hard to break a sweat upon visiting it! In fact, you may even need to bring a long sleeve shirt even during the summer time.

So when you plan your next summer vacation remember this: Summer is the low-season with low-prices – but you can still enjoy maximum fun. Enjoy your the fun, sun, and sand in the Caribbean without breaking a sweat (or your wallet!)