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Caribbean Pcking Advice

Packing Advice For Beautiful Bocas del Toro

Packing for a adventurous trip to sensational Bocas del Toro is both exciting and stressful. The key thing to remember is that less is more. Trust me on this one, you do NOT need to pack everything but the kitchen sink!

Keep it light and this will save you having to lug it around or having to pay extra baggage charges.

You are getting away to focus on a little fun and relaxation you can easily jet off to paradise with a small suitcase or travel bag and a carry on.

Here are a the main items you need to pack for your getaway, whether you are just staying a few days or a few weeks!

Important Items

Of course there are a few things you really can’t leave home without, luckily these items usually don’t take up very much space.

* Passport and airline tickets

* Photo copy of passport in each piece of luggage

* Other piece of I.D.

* Credit card

* Money (cash and travelers cheques, spread throughout luggage)

* Money belt

* Travel plans

* Accommodation verification (number and website..i.e. 1-12-123-1234, http://www.palmaroyale.com/)

* Emergency number contacts

* Other confirmations (i.e. rental car, pre-booked cruise)

Main Items

These items are the things that are pretty important. It’s not the end of the world if you forget one but you really should make sure they make it to your destination.

* Medical prescriptions and supplies (bandaids, ointment, aspirin etc)

* Sunscreen

* Clock or watch

* Couple sets of casual clothes (shorts and t-shirts/tank tops)

* One dressier outfit

* Sandals, running shoes and one pair dressier shoes

* Light jacket and pair of pants and light sweater

* Swimsuits (two pair of trunks or a couple bikinis and a one piece)

* Workout clothes (two sets)

* Underwear, lingerie, bras, socks

* Two or three casual summer dresses

* Sunglasses/sunhat

* Toiletry items (make up, lotion, face cleaner, hair accessories, brush, lip chap, toothbrush and paste, d.o., tampons, etc.)

* Cell phone

Extra Items

These are things that you might like but don’t REALLY have to have on vacation. Remember there’s LOTS of things to keep to entertained in Boca del Toro!

* Camera/video camera

* Laptop

* Music player (ipod/mp3)

* Snorkeling gear

* Umbrella

* Reading material/journal

* Slippers

Of course you will likely need to add a few things you can’t live without. That’s OK, just remember you DON’T need ten pairs of shorts and twelve summer dresses, especially if you’re only going for a week!

Chances are, if you play your cards right, you’ll be sporting your swimsuit (or not!) half the time and in breathtaking Boca del Toro, that’s ALL good!