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Caribbean Guest Houses

Guest houses can mean a lot of different things, especially in the Caribbean, and Nevis is no exception! They can be everything from just a few rooms in some one’s private home to literally the whole private home with the owner just living in one room. Some are series of room connected with a hallway. A few have restaurants associated with them, but most usually just give the guest kitchen privileges. Some have parking areas nearby, but some are using every available bit of land to put up rooms.

Prices and quality can vary as well as location. Herbert Heights has a swimming pool because it is up the Mountain a long ways from the coast and Cross Isles is small, quaint and near several beaches. Some supply towels, some don’t. During the summer, some guest houses rent rooms really cheap, less that US$50/night, but most are around the $100/day range. This is cheaper than the hotels and private homes, but more than many expect.

How do you choose a guest house on Nevis? Good question. Fortunately most have websites that can be access individually through the Nevis Tourism Authority Website or individually from the list below!

Airport View Apartments Out by the Nevis airport, a long way from town
Al’s Guest House Small, about two miles from town and cheap
Banyan Tree Bed and Breakfast very nice and on the edge of the rain forest
Crossisles Wonderful manager in a West Indian home.
Fort Ashby Beach Cottages On the beach, about three miles from town
Hill Top Vacation Apartments In Gingerland with some nice vista, will need car
J.P.’s Guest House In the middle of town, dining near by
Meadeville Apartments In Town and lots or rooms with shared kitchens
Ocean View Guest House In Newcastle are with friendly couple and nice views
Pemo’s Guest House Need car, but does have restaurant and walking distance to nice snorkeling area
Philsha’s Guest House More like a motel, near beach and dining
Pinney’s Village Complex Close to Pinney’s Beach and 1 mile from town.
Sea Spawn Guest House In town with loud music.
Tranquility Annex
Yamseed Inn Near airport, mainly used by the Medical Students

When contacting the individual places, ask about facilities such as bathrooms, towels, and parking space. These things are all important and will effect what you need to bring with you. Consider your options, it is the best way to find out what is right for you! Have a great time at the guest house of your choice!