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Cancunmexicoweathervacation Weather

Guide to Seasonal Weather in Cancun, Mexico

It’s easy to drift away with dreamy thoughts of a get-a-way to exotic locations like Cancun, Mexico. You close your eyes and feel the white sand between your toes, the gentle sounds of waves lapping the shore as the ice cracks in your salted rim margarita, while you take a deep drink and sink back to simply soak in the endless blue sky. Can’t you almost smell the salt from the margarita? And nothing snaps you back to reality quicker then horror stories of vacation disasters, bad food or horrible sunburns. Fortunately Cancun, Mexico has near perfect conditions year round, a Forty mile long strip dedicated to tourism, and is a pretty neat place on its own. You may be responsible for applying your own sun screen, though.

First of all, if the trip you are planning is your “Honeymoon” and it is your first (maybe second marriage), you are under Fifty years old, and there are no kids involved, the weather isn’t going to make a bit of difference to you. What will matter is if you can get lunch at 2am and an omelet when you wake up at 11am. The bargain resorts make that difficult with the limitation on the amenities and the all inclusive resorts may have time limitations on when you can order food. Other resorts like: The Hotel Paradisus Riviera, The Aqua Cancun, and the Hyatt Regency Cancun offer 24 hour room service. The Avalon Grand Cancun has packages that are (Semi) all inclusive, and has room service available.

For the rest of us the vacations that we choose are largely dictated by the time we have available, not necessarily the season of our destination. One of the great advantages of the Cancun weather is that during the rainy season the showers are brief, and with the occasion of the all day showers it can steer your activities toward more social destinations, while not ruining your whole visit. As Annie says, “the sun will come out tomorrow” The summer months are usually the wettest, yet the temperatures still range between a low of 75F to 90F at the high. During winter and spring it is the dry season in Cancun and the coolest time of year as the temperature drops in range from 66 F to a high in the mid-eighties.

The location of Cancun gives it the advantage of still having twelve solid hours of daylight in the winter, as well as thirteen hours of daylight in the summer. This positioning creates the potential to both accomplish the activities you want to experience and still have plenty of daylight left to sun bathe, snorkel, or just sit on the beach sipping Margaritas. With few exceptions Cancun’s most popular attractions are outdoor activities and tours of the historical landscape, and the lush jungle that surrounds the coast. If you happen to feel restless during one of the occasional rain storms try visiting a few of the local museums: Xcaret Museum- Cancun Playa del Carmen (5 minutes from Playa del Carmen), Museo de arte Popular mexicano (Blvd. Kukulcan Km 4 Hotel Zone Cancun Mexico), Museo del INAH (Retorno del Rey sin numero Zona Arqueolgica del Rey Cancun 77500 Mexico). Or visit the downtown shopping areas, which should provide enough variety to get you through to the next sunny patch.

Breath deeply of the ocean air as you sit at the edge of crystal clear water that stretches for as far as the eye can see, and try to image sitting back in that office surrounded by the smell of old socks, and coffee. Can’t do it, can you? Cancun doesn’t just take you away, it takes it all away.