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Camuy River Cave Park

The municipality of Camuy is located on the north coast of Puerto Rico on the Valley of Quebradillas, bordering the Atlantic Ocean. It is a part of the San Juan-Caguas-Guaynabo Metropolitan Statistical Area, which is the largest metropolitan area by population in all of Puerto Rico. Although it is not visited as often as larger areas in Puerto Rico like San Juan, it still has many wonderful places for tourists to come and enjoy. The top of the list as far as must-visit locations by far would have to be the Camuy River Cave Park.

Referred to by locals as Parque de las Cavernas del Rio Camuy, Camuy River Cave Park, is located off of Route 129 at 18.9 km. This park, which is made up of 268 acres is made up of caves and caverns that have been carved out by the Camuy River over a span of more than a million years. The Camuy River itself is the third longest underground river in the world.

Although there is evidence that Puerto Rico’s original inhabitants, the Taino Indians explored the caves several hundred years ago, the cave system was first discovered in modern history in 1958. It was later documented in Russell and Jeanne Gurnee’s book “Discovery At The Rio Camuy” published in 1973.

The Camuy cave system is laid out over 10 miles and is made up of 220 caves with 17 entrances. However, these numbers represent just a fraction of the entire cave system as it has not been completely mapped out yet. There are some experts that believe that another 800 or so caves lie within the cave system. Within the areas that have been explored so far, there are more than 13 species of bats, as wells as hundreds of other arachnids, frogs, and insects species.

The Camuy River Cave Park is also equipped with picnic areas, walking trails, food facilities, an old steam train, exhibition hall and a souvenir shop.When visiting the caves, there are some areas that should not be missed, including the Cueva Clara y Sumidero de Empalme (Clara Cave and Empalme Sinkhole), Cueva y Sumidero de Espiral (Spiral Cave and Sinkhole), and Sumidero Tres Pueblos (Tri-town Sinkhole).

Visitors have described Camuy River Cave Park as being impressive, majestic, and fantastic. But, why take someone else’s word for it, when you can visit yourself.