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British Train Problems

The British train service is generally very effective, however there are some major faults that need to be put right. Many people living in England do not have or own car due to the sheer fact that the place is so crowded, and he/she prefers to travel by public transport which consists of trains, buses and taxis. Train services are well delivered with most services running limited coaches on weekends and public holidays. It is also very convenient.

There are some major problems with the services. The cost of tickets just keep going up year in and year out. Every year on the first of January the cost of a ticket goes up by at least five percent. Most people will find that it is cheaper to full a car up with petrol and travel. A weekly ticket from London to Cambridge could cost up to and over a hundred ponds. This is ridiculous, and many people are disillusioned by the heavy costs.

Trains are also very dirty, and some can be unsafe with the conductors being very rude. The wash room facilities are generally very dirty, and many people will not use the facilities during the journey, even if it is a very long trip. The seats are dirty and covered with sweet and cigarette wrappings, and many people have to sit on wet seats. Most of the quiet zones are not quiet with people, especially rude teenagers making a loud din.

The trains tend to not run on time on certain occasions. This can be very unreliable, and many people get stranded in the lonely, and dark train stations. Trains also tend to cancel all services due to minor hickups, and leave people stranded, and unable to attend work. Train travel is getting worse in England. Sometimes the passengers shall book a flight on the train, and then the service does not turn up. This is common around the weekends, and public holidays. Phantom trains operate in certain areas. Sometimes the train services are so full, and there are not enough coaches running around the rush hour time.

Train bosses tend to also get the maximum out of their staff for minimum pay. This can be quite draining to the employees, and they generally will go on strike leaving most of the passengers stranded. This can cause a major upset to services, and many commuters need the trains in order to get to work on time everyday. Trains also tend to do service repair work over the weekends and they also have limited services. There are replacement bus services operating at certain places, and many people will have to use these to get to wherever thet want to be. The buses are quite slow, and many people do end up being quite impatient.