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Bring Half of what you think you need

Time was that if you were willing to carry it, you could take as many bags with you on your travels as you wanted. Those days are gone, probably forever. With the current baggage limitations on many flights, it has become financially necessary to learn how to pack light. Here are a few tips for packing light that will help you to make the transition from multi bags to one bag.

Packing light is an art and a lot depends on what season you are traveling in. During the cold months clothes are bulkier but most often you can wear a sweater especially with a shirt beneath it more than once without it needing to be laundered. Slacks like jeans can also be worn more than once. If you are worried about any stains you might get, carry a Tide stick so that you can treat a stain immediately and wash it out when you get back to your hotel.

Color coordinate

Choose one main color for your travel wardrobe and accessorize with other colors. Choose a neutral such as black, brown, grey or tan for your slacks, shorts, shirts and sweaters. Make sure that all the pieces of your wardrobe work together. If you have a shirt or sweater that can work with either a pair of pants or a skirt then it can get double duty. You want to be able to mix and match.

Washable fabrics

There are many fabrics that are hand washable. If they are small items like lingerie you may just be able to wash it in your bathroom sink. However, if it is your jeans or skirt it is going to be too big of a job for hand washing. It might be that your hotel has a laundry, there are some that do or you may have to go to a launderette in town, but if you are going to limit the number of items you carry in your suitcase then if your trip is a longer one, you are going to need to be able to do some laundry

Do a trial run

Lay out all the clothes that you think that you need for your trip. Try to fit them into one suitcase. Keep in mind that you will need shoes and toiletries to also fit into your suitcase. If you are like almost everyone, you have chosen way too much. Most likely you need to pare your choices about in half. If you have a sweater and a blazer, choose one or the other. If you have 4 pairs of pants, cut it down to two and you will be wearing the third pair the day you travel. Shoes especially take a lot of space in a suitcase. Plan to wear the most bulky pair you have. You can also wear a hoodie or a sweater on the plane because it is often chilly on the flight.


Only carry the tiny size toiletries. Don’t worry about body lotion, shower gel and shampoo, almost every hotel supplies them and if you forget anything most hotels can supply you with them. Don’t carry a blow dryer again most hotels have them. Keep it to the basics, the things you really cannot live without.

Learning to pack light takes some practice. We all are afraid that we will get somewhere and find out we are missing something we cannot live without. Unless you are going deep into the jungle or to the ends of the earth, there will be stores. You can buy anything you find that you need once you arrive at your destination.