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Boston Child Friendly Attractions

The city of Boston is filled with history and museums, but will you be able to find enough kid-friendly attractions to keep your youngsters entertained and happy? Fortunately, whether you intend to stay for a day or a week, Boston will offer your children plenty of things to do that are both fun and educational.

The favorite of many children is the BOSTON CHILDREN’S MUSEUM. For toddlers and children up to the age of eight to ten years old, this is probably one of the most popular places in Boston. The exhibits focus on early childhood development in the areas of arts, culture, science and technology. With lots of hands-on-exhibits and interactive activities this place is extremely family-friendly. Some of the exhibits include giant soap-bubble-making tools, a two-story high maze, and 800-gallon water tank where the kids can play with boats and “Arthur’s World” where children can interact with characters from the popular Arthur’s book series. If you are a member of the National Children’s Museum Association or have a GO BOSTON CARD admission is free.

The DISCOVERY MUSEUM is housed in an early 1900’s Victorian house and is actually two museums; The Children’s Discovery Museum specializes in hand-on exhibits for toddlers and preschoolers and The Science Museum’s interactive displays are aimed at older, school-age children..

Whether skating on the pond between November and mid-March, or wading in the cool waters in July and August, the FROG POND at BOSTON COMMON (the US’s oldest public park) is always a favorite of children. Wander over to the adjoining 24-acre PUBLIC GARDEN and enjoy the Victorian-style monuments and the large artificial lake (boating in the spring and summer & skating in the winter). Take the kids on a ride in Boston’s famous swan boats (launched in the 1870’s).

Boston also offers visitors a zoo and an aquarium. The NEW ENGLAND AQUARIUM, on Boston’s waterfront, is one of the most popular aquariums in the United States and the Franklin Park Zoo features a recently renovated indoor gorilla exhibit.

If your children have an artistic bent, don’t miss the EXCLUSIVE ART GALLERY TOUR FOR CHILDREN, by Marina Veronica Art Tours Boston. Accompanied by an art appreciation teacher, your child will visit contemporary and modern art exhibits and with the aid of stories and games explore the glory and mystery of the world of art.

For six to twelve-year-olds, BOSTON BY LITTLE FEET is a child’s-eye-view tour of the Freedom Trail’s architecture and history.

Need to get away from the history and culture for a day? Visit the nearby SIX FLAGS NEW ENGLAND or take a FALL FOLIAGE TOUR and drink some native apple cider.

For those wishing to save money on Boston’s many attractions, consider purchasing a GO BOSTON CARD. Both children’s and adult cards are available and you can buy 1,2,3,5 or 7 day cards. The costs range from $54.99 for an adult’s one day card (kid’s card, $34.99) to a seven day card for $155.99 (children’s card, $83.99). GO BOSTON CARDS entitle the bearer to prepaid admissions to many area activities including the New England Aquarium, the Franklin Park Zoo, Six Flags New England, the Frog Pond at the Boston Common, the Boston Children’s Museum, the Fall Foliage Tour and many others.

For those of you heading to the Boston area with your children, be sure and rest – with all of the kid-friendly activities available, you’ll need it!