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Booking Air Berlin with no Fees

Booking airfare can be a tricky process. Getting the best schedule and price to line up can be difficult. Booking with an unfamiliar website can sometimes seem like an unnecessary complication, but may be necessary to get the best deal. Geruxx.de is one such website that will help European travelers get the best deal.

Geruxx is mainly aimed at German and Russian travelers within Europe. However, in addition to its German and Russian language pages, it also offers an English-language site (look for the small letters ‘eng’ at the top of the page to change into English). This makes it a valuable tool for independent travelers looking to book the best airfare within Europe, particularly on low-cost carriers.

US travelers are accustomed to getting the very lowest fare without any fees on an airline’s own website. However, this is not always the best place to book travel when dealing with European low-cost carriers. For example, Air Berlin charges customers paying by direct bank debit a 10 Euro service charge, while customers paying with all other forms of payment are charged a 15 Euro service charge. Since only German, Austrian, and Dutch bank accounts are accepted for direct debit, that means that all customers from other countries are stuck paying a 15 Euro surcharge per person above the listed airfare price.

However, Geruxx offers the same flights at the same prices without ANY booking surcharge. That can mean substantial savings for anyone who does a lot of flying via low cost carrier or has to book multiple people on the same flight.

Once Geruxx takes your reservation, things operate the same as they would if you were booking with Travelocity or Expedia. Travelers are sent a confirmation email that includes a confirmation number that the airline will use to look up flight information. Passengers may or may not be able to pre-select seats, but that, too, is typical of European low-cost carriers.

Geruxx also offers railway reservations. While this part of the website was not tested, it seems to operate the same way as booking a flight. As with airfare, it pays to check multiple sources for the best price when booking railway tickets.

All in all, geruxx.de is a good option for those who are looking to book flights or rail travel within Europe. As always, compare the total price provided by two or more booking agencies to get the absolute best price. Geruxx is a reliable source for booking intra-European travel and should be considered.