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Bicycle Airplane

Those who like to ride bikes find it very important to take them with them when they travel. Especially if they are planning to go to a destination where there are some great opportunities for bicycling, and especially if maybe it is somewhere they have never been before, where they really want to experience what the local scene has to offer in terms of cycling. While an individual is in charge of carrying his or her bike when he or she travels in their own private vehicle and can decide how to transport it from one destination to another, it’s the airline who is in charge and who designs policies regarding traveling with bicycles when it comes to flying with a bicycle.

Planes can only carry so much baggage and in order to make money and earn and keep customers, airlines want to keep their planes full and make sure that all passengers have the opportunity to carry-on and check an adequate amount of luggage, Because of this, they must limit the number of larger items they allow on their planes, meaning they have to put restrictions on sports equipment such as bicycles as to what is allowed and what is not allowed.

First of all, most airlines limit the size and weight of a bicycle. Not all bicycles will meet these qualifications, so it is very important to check with the airline you will be flying on in order to see what their specific policies are and if your bicycle fits into their requirements and regulations or not. Secondly, most airlines require that a bicycle that is checked into luggage has the pedals removed, the handle bars turned in, and is secured in some way so it will not move and that damage during loading, flight, and unloading is unlikely to happen. The last important thing to keep in mind when it comes to bringing a bicycle on board is that airlines almost always charge extra for the handling of such a large item. Fees usually range from fifty to one-hundred and fifty dollars, depending on the airline you choose and your destination.

In summary, while you may want to take your bike with you to a destination you plan to fly to, you need to be aware of all regulations that the airline you choose has for carrying bicycles. They are different than those regarding normal carry on or checked baggage. It may be a better and more cost-effective idea to rent a bicycle when you arrive at your destination to use for your cycling adventures.