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Best Ways to Pack a Suitcase

It’s quite surprising the number of people who seem to think that effectively packing a suitcase is a daunting task, to be done at the very last minute or maybe even avoided altogether if at all possible. But this needn’t be the case at all with a bit of thought and pre-planning. No matter if you are going on vacation or moving house, some things to keep in mind when packing a suitcase are:

* Try to start the packing at an early stage to ensure you have more than enough time to fit everything in as neatly and efficiently as possible. First job is to ensure that the case itself is in good condition with working zippers and clasps and that it is adequately cleaned; lay the case out in an easy to access location with the lid up ready for lining and packing.

* If you are travelling or going on holidays always be aware of exactly what you need to pack and take care not to stuff a suitcase so full that it is too heavy to easily carry. When you are flying or catching a bus or train you may actually have a limit to how much your case can weigh; in order to avoid paying a fee for excess weight be extra conscious from the outset of exactly what you will need to take with you. Some people have a rule that they make a pile of belongings that they think they will need to take with them, then they halve the pile and focus on the absolute necessities for a trip; itis so easy to pack useless items that don’t even get used. Pack a separate smaller bag that can be used to store dirty washing so that you clean items avoid being soiled.

* It can be a good idea to line your suitcase with a protective layer of plastic before beginning the packing itself; thiscan be especially useful when you are packing layers of clothing and fabrics in order to keep them protected and as crease free as possible. Fold any items neatly in order to conserve space and wrap particularly delicate or expensive items separately before packing.

* Any items that contain liquids, toiletries such as toothpaste and shower gels etc, should be contained in zipped-up watertight pouches to stop leakages ruining your suitcase’s other contents. If you are packing for a trip away be aware that you only have limited space in the case so store shampoo and liquid soaps in smaller containers rather than packing large bottles. Make sure that sharp pointed scissors and shaving blades are packed carefully to avoid damage to other items.

* Anything that you will need to access the soonest needs to be packed on the top layer of the case, or in an easy to reach outer compartment. Medications and a clean change of clothes should be easily accessible in order for you to avoid time wasting packing and re-packing of the case.

* Avoid packing sensitive and fragile items such as electronic goods and computer equipment. If the suitcase gets any rough treatment you may end up with broken or damaged belongings but if you really must pack the above mentioned items in to a suitcase then take special care by packing them in reinforced padding or postal bubble wrap.

* When everything is neatly packed and stored cover the top layer of the suitcase with a protective layer of plastic; be aware that a full suitcase that is well arranged will likely travel better than one that has a lot of space inside for belongings to move around and collide with each other.