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Best Travel Destinations for Families with Small Children

There are certain places that are wonderful to go with small children and certain places that are not so wonderful. Traveling to a place that is family friendly can make all the difference in your enjoying your vacation. The following are some of the best travel destinations for families with small children.

The Orlando area is a wonderful travel destination for families with little ones. They have the world-renowned Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom, which contains many attractions and rides for children of all ages. You can spend many hours and even days at Walt Disney World. Many children are already very familiar with Mickey Mouse and many of the other Disney characters. It is also great for families in that there are a lot of good travel deals because it is such a popular destination. You can often find nonstop flights. In addition, there are many hotels, which make it fairly easy to find a reasonably priced hotel to fit your needs.

In addition to the Magic Kingdom, you will find other theme parks in that area. EPCOT explores the world of the future as well as the cultures of many countries. This can be very interesting for the entire family. There is also the Animal Kingdom, which is especially great for children who love animals, as many do. You can go on a pretend safari. Another park in that area is Disney’s Hollywood Studios. They have some great activities and shows for the children, including a stage show with Winnie the Pooh from the ever-popular books.

Not far from the Disney Parks, you will find a wide variety of other wonderful destinations for families with young children. The Green Meadows Petting Farm, which has locations around the country, offers children up-close experiences with animals. They can hold and feed all sorts of animals and even milk a cow. Also, Universal Studios Orlando is a fun theme park that has a wide variety of attractions. Young kids will love the Barney show. Sear World is another fun destination, where children can view and learn about the marine life in the world’s oceans. Orlando also has a variety of other smaller attractions for the entire family.

The South Florida area can also be another wonderful destination for those with small children. They have many museums such as the Young at Art Children’s Museum and science museums in both Miami and Ft. Lauderdale. They have beautiful beaches, a large zoo, Lion Country Safari and many more fun attractions for families.