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Best Summer Travel Destinations for Seniors

It’s one of those places to see before the world ends. The cleanest air ever breathed. Streams that can still be drunk from with your cupped hands. And summer is the only reasonable time to visit. Alaska.

I have traveled a fair bit of the world and I still think Alaska has the most beautiful scenery I have ever seen. Dramatic snow capped mountainsit seems everywhere you look.To see Mount McKinley and million year old glaciers is quite awesome. There are plenty of coach tours so it doesn’t have to be an physically exhausting trip. For a journey you won’t forget, if you can get as far north as Fairbanks, you won’t regret it. The train is a great way to get there from Anchorage. And keep an eye out for the odd moose with the camera nearby.

Temperatures in the summer hang around about the mid seventies. Very pleasant but a light jacket would still be advisable for the odd chilly morning or evening. And perhaps a sleeping mask for the nights as the sun never really sets.

Everyone gets to a stage in life where you no longer want, or can’t travel. Alaska is a place to see before you get to that level. The scenery is magnificent.

And if you really want to wind the Texans up, after your trip, go to Dallas or Houston and announce “I’ve just come back from the largest state in the union”!