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Best Roller Coasters in California

Roller coasters began entertaining quite a few people in the early 1920s. Here are some of the best roller coasters in the state of California: Superman The Escape is located at Six Flags Magic Mountain and this roller coaster reaches a speed of 100mph. Another great roller coaster you may like to pay a visit to if you are in the California area is the Goliath that is also located at Six Flags Magic Mountain. This roller coaster reaches a speed of 85 mph.

Roller coasters provide a lot of entertainment and fun for tourists or vacationers. The Xcelerator is located at Knott’s Berry Farm in California and this one can reach a high speed of 82 mph. Space Mountain is another fun one that can be found at Disneyland. Quite a few people are attracted to them because they offer a lot of fun at great speeds. They roll high into the air reaching heights where one can see the amazing landscape below. Some people are afraid of them, but billions of people have experienced an exciting ride on one or a few.

They very first roller coaster that were built were constructed of wood. You may still see a few of them today. The most modern ones are constructed of steel. Every roller coaster that is ever built is quite unique. Each one offers their riders a very unique experience as well. They are crafted for one to experience the gravitational forces. They offer tons of excitement with unexpected direction changes. They will deliver thrills that leave a very memorable experience long after the rider leaves. Some of the roller coasters operate year-round while others are only open every season.

These roller coasters have been providing family fun for many generations. Some may even travel through underground tunnels. Some roller coasters are built to be the best in the world. Today, there are more than 2000 roller coasters in the world. You can get tickets to theme parks where the roller coasters are located. These tickets are available online and they are offered at discount prices. If you are planning a family vacation, then a roller coaster ride will definitely be quite entertaining to the family. Some roller coasters require the rider to be a certain age or height to ride. If you suffer from a medical condition such as a heart disease, then it it a wise descision that you should not ride.

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