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Best Nepal Travel Websites

While a relatively small country in comparison to its neighbors such as India and China, Nepal is a country that is a popular destination for many people. Mount Everest is one of its most iconic features, although the country has a range of other attractions to offer tourists and is one of the more unusual vacation destinations to choose. If you enjoy adventure holidays it can be an excellent place to visit and if you plan to travel to Nepal doing a little research before traveling is a smart move. The internet can be a great resource for this these days and there are a number of websites dedicated to Nepal travel and tourism. The following are a few of the best on offer.

Nepal Tourism

This website has a host of useful information on Nepal travel and tourism. When the homepage opens you have the choice of looking at the main sections which are spread out along the top of the home page or a more detailed list of contents which is set out on the left hand side of the home page. The main headings cover a number of topics and this includes Hotels where you can find a list of many of the hotels in Nepal with links to their websites and contact information and Tours which has details of many of the cultural, pilgrim and adventure tours available. Other options in the main headings include Trekking, Rafting, Jungle Safari and Adventure which provide details of many of the activities which can be enjoyed in the country. The contents list down the left hand side of the home page also has a lot of useful sections, with some of these including Nepal Information, Traveler’s Guide, Getting Around Nepal, Details of Kathmandu and Sightseeing to name a few. All of these provide useful information for the Nepal traveler and can be worth having a look at. For the wide variety of information on this website it can be a good one to check out if you are planning a vacation in Nepal.

Details can be found at http://www.nepaltourism.info/index.php

Welcome 2 Nepal

This is billed as the official website of the Nepal Tourism Board and it has a lot of information regarding the country. The section entitled Information for Visitors is a good starting point for those planning to visit and has details of the country itself, the weather and also useful details and tips for planning a visit. There is also a handy section on hotels and resorts which sets out the type of accommodation available from simple lodges and guest houses to full resorts. Other areas of the website to have a look at include Entertainment which has details of shopping, dining and other activities, Culture which has details of many of the historic sites that can be visited and Nature which provides details of some of the outdoor activities which can be enjoyed in Nepal. There is a wide range of details on this websites and it has a lot of useful information, making it one to have a look at for a Nepal traveler.

Information can be found at http://www.welcome2nepal.com.cn/index-2.htm

Welcome Nepal

This is an attractive looking website and has a range of sections dedicated to providing information for those that plan to travel to Nepal. The main sections are spread out along the top of the home page and there are many to choose from. The About Nepal section is a good place to start and this provides information about the history of Nepal as well as its people, culture, nature and religion. Other sections to have a look at include Destinations which has a variety of details of the cities, hill stations, pilgrimage sites and other locations that are popular with tourists. The Things to Do section provides all you need to know about the many activities available and this ranges from indoor shopping to many of the outdoor activities. Special Interests is also a good section and gives information on the art, museums, cuisine and myths of Nepal and the other useful sections available include Plan Your Trip and Travel Information. This is a well laid out site with a variety of information and is a decent one to have a look at.

For more details check out http://welcomenepal.com/promotional/

Nepal Magic

Nepal magic is another well laid out site and the home page opens with a few nice images of the country. As well as looking good, the site also offers a range of information that will be useful for those planning a vacation in Nepal. The main sections available are listed down the left hand side of the home page and cover interesting topics such as Nepal History and Nepal Culture as well as more practical details such as airlines and buses in the country, maps, travel tips and shopping. This can all be of use to someone planning a trip to Nepal and the site is therefore worth checking out.

For further information have a look at http://www.nepalmagic.com/

Nepal can be a fascinating country in which to take a vacation and there are plenty of activities and attractions available for a tourist. If you are thinking about taking a trip to Nepal the websites shown above provide a wealth of information that can be useful and these are some of the best Nepal travel websites around.