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Best Holiday Travel Deals

Many people fear traveling on holidays as major airlines and hotels jack up their prices crazily during the peak holiday season. The airfare for domestic flights during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays are more than a thousand dollars, and the price for the three star hotels may vary from $150 to $200 per night. Such harsh fiscal reality of affording a fantastic holiday trip prevents many people from traveling on holidays. However, few might know travel in holidays can be affordable. If you study the tricks about where to look and how to save, then the expensive airline tickets and hotels could not be a main reason for dampening your wanderlust. Here are some guides on how to obtain the best holiday travel deals.

For cheap airfares: Planning your vacation half a year earlier for securing available seats and cheap airline tickets. Searching popular travel search engines, like Expedia, Hotwire, Cheap tickets and Kayak.com, then put your departure and arrival cities and your preferred travel dates, and these sites will pull up the lowest airfare for you to compare. You can sign up for the cheap airfare alert on these travel engines, and they will email you every time when there is a low price. Additionally, join frequent flyer programs to help offset the cost of travel. Once you are in the frequent flyer programs, you can use your mileage and points to pay for part or all of your airfares, including extra fees and taxes.

For the last minute travel, bid on Priceline.com or Hotwire.com for ultra-low airfares, hotels and car rentals. Before bidding, be sure to check out on recently acceptable bids and read bidding instructions to obtain some useful information on how to bid.

Using alternative forms of transportation to get to your desired destinations. When it comes to holidays, it is usually a whole lot cheaper to travel by train or by bus than travel by airplane. Considering Amtrak for traveling around the US and Canada, Rail Europe for Europe trip. Purchase rail pass or interReal ticket to save money on a multiple destination trip.

In regards to the accommodation, try to stay at B &Bs and hostels instead of in hotel rooms as the rate at hostels and Bed and Breakfasts is far less expensive than that at hotels. Additionally, there are several international hostels offering free tours to budget travelers, which give them an opportunity to explore some off-the-beaten track locales that commercial tour companies do not visit.

If you want to spend a couple of nights in your desired location for free, consider Couchsufing.

Choosing to travel in a group on holidays is also a terrific way to save your vacation budget as well as allowing you to network with other intrepid travelers. Here are two travel companies organize budget holiday tours:

-Green Tortoise: offers affordable adventures to USA and Central America during the winter and the summer holidays. Fellow travelers explore the sites and attractions during the day and sleep on the shuttle overnight. The rate for 28 days trip is $2300, 14 days trip is $1200, and 9 days adventure for less than $800. Meal and park admissions are included in the fee payment.

– Press Trips: become a member of TravelWriters.com and write articles for publications, and then you will gain opportunities to participate in expenses-paid press trips running throughout a year. Sometimes you can request a paid holiday trips to visit your dream place.

Holiday trips can be expensive sometimes. However, you can curtail your travel expenses by using the above budget-saving tactics. If you plan ahead and be active in the hunt for decent holiday deals, your holiday travel experience can be fun and affordable. Stay alert to the cheap holiday deals or consider traveling in a group, or use the combination of any above methods to obtain the best holiday deals.