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Bed and Breakfast Reviews Deacon Timothy Pratt old Saybrook Conn

Connecticut has some very historic towns. One of them that is lovely and very popular with summer visitors is Old Saybrook. It was founded over 300 years ago and is named after two English lords. The location directly on Long Island Sound has made it very popular with both beach lovers and boaters.

One of the oldest houses in town has been turned into a charming bed and breakfast. It is located on Main Street right across the street from the meeting house where Deacon Timothy Pratt served. If you are interested in African American history, part of the bed and breakfast is also located in the same building as the historic James Pharmacy where the first female African American pharmacist had her drug story for many years. Today you can get a delicious ice cream treat or buy some Mediterranean food items in former James Pharmacy. In the 18th century this was the tavern of Timothy Pratt’s brother Humphrey.

I have been interested in this house for years since I work in town and when the opportunity came to bid on a stay at the bed and breakfast at the school auction, I jumped at the chance.

I had the choice of rooms since it was a very quiet time of year and I opted for the suite on the second floor of the original house. It was tempting to go with one of the rooms in the James Pharmacy but I wanted a real look at the Timothy Pratt House and I thought my friends might visit and wanted to be in the house where the parlor is.

The steps are very step to get up to this room so don’t bring your steamer trunk, this is a very old house and things like stairs are really not conducive to the size of things today.

Our room was a large two room suite. There was a queen sized four poster carved wood pineapple bed that was very comfortable. The room is decorated in muted colors rose with wood paneling, a fireplace and stenciling on the walls. The style was very appropriate to the period of the house. I snuck a peak at the room across the hall and it is also lovely and if you don’t need two rooms, it might be my choice. Keep in mind that both of these rooms are on the front of the house and there are times when traffic can be a little heavy.

The second room has a single bed and the TV which I found awkward especially if you had a child sleeping in this room. There is a sitting area in the larger room with lamps and comfortable chairs.

The bathroom is huge. It has a jetted tub and lots of storage. The sink is a pedestal so not a lot of area to lay things out but adequate.

On the first floor there is a pretty parlor and the dining room. You are welcome to use the parlor and there is a Keurig in the dining room as well as a guest refrigerator. There were cookies to greet us in the afternoon.

Breakfast is served at your convenience between 8:30am and 10am. We ate early at 8:30. Since it was not the weekend there was no hot entrée but we had bagels, apple fritters and fresh fruit. Along with our coffee and juice we had enough to fill us but were slightly disappointed.

This is certainly one of the most charming places to stay on Old Saybrook and the welcome was warm. If you are arriving late there will be a note left on the door for you to tell you all the things you need to know.